Exam 2

Long Line Fishing
boat with a lot of fishing lines attached to the back, would catch albatross and waste fossil fuels
Drift Net
nets several miles long and several feet deep that would accidentally catch mammals, specific gil nets would catch gil
Trawl Net
Deep nets that drag across ocean floor and catch anything in the way (like cod)
Purse Net Seine
Big circular net that would close shut, caught dolphins along with tuna
Basic Soils
P/E < 1 (calcium and magnesium), deserts and prairies
Acidic Soils
P/E > 1, forests grow in this
social language created by a particular culture’s condition
Master Narrative
narrative from a single point of view that assumes to offer the only accurate version of history
Thick Description
attempts to share the meanings cultural practices had for people
Personal Side of History
family dynamics, leisure activities, sexual practices
any interaction between two species
both species benefit
one benefits, one is neutral
wetland with trees
wetland with cattails, grassy, wet all year long
Giant Reedgrass (Phragmites)
invasive wetland species
must be 12.5 acres minimum, exhibit some common wetland plants, have gray (anaerobic) soil, be more underwater than not (inundation)
favors conifers, very acidic, more organic detritus on top because of colder temperatures
slightly drier soil, found in west, likely for more fires, roots are underground, grows corn
south to equator, really warm and acidic, little organic matter, very productive