Exemplification Essay

We all have favorite show on television at least one day of the week. We tune in to watch our favorite characters and escape into their realities. There are some people though that are addicted to their televisions. They watch any and everything, all day every day. They can tell you what comes on which channel, what the channel number is, and even what time most programs come on. This addiction can be detrimental to their lives because they don’t want to leave the . N house for fear that they might miss something important.

This addiction consumes time that should be spent focusing on other things such as education, work, and their personal relationships and exposes us to violence and other crimes on a daily basis making us apathetic to these issues at times. Television is dulling the minds Of people, especially young people. All of the information is just handed to them and it eliminates the need they have to read a book, magazine, newspaper, or even internet articles and such. Things like reading and homework are too hard for them to focus on because the students aren’t stimulated in the same way as by watching television.

There is a new world, a new story on every thirty minutes to an hour. The television does the work of the imagination for them, and thus isn’t helping to stimulate their brains. This can therefore lead to slower mental processing of things. Television can also consume time people should be spending looking for work or even working. Some people have become so obsessed with watching television all day that they often forget they are supposed to out looking for work or online looking for work. They often then tell themselves that they will just do it tomorrow and then in fact don’t because they are stuck back n zombie land on their couches.

Some of these people put off their job earaches so long that they ruin their lives even more, sometimes losing their cars or homes. There are others who have jobs and can’t focus on work because they are too busy thinking about that show that they are missing. They are at work thinking of a way that they can watch whatever it is. They use their cellophanes, computers, tablets or sometimes even an empty room with a television in it, just so they can watch that show that’s on that can’t live without. No schedule will keep them from missing out.

Most of the time they don’t even care about getting caught and even fired for watching television, cause that show that was on is more important to them than keeping a job. This addiction is thus harmful to their life and well-being because it can keep them from being able to provide for themselves or even cause them to lose the ability to do so. Then there’s television and relationships. People tend to be so addicted to watching television sometimes that they don’t go out and interact socially or have contact with others. When they are with friends they have nothing to talk about besides what they watch all day on television.

This fact makes some people just tend to avoid relationships even more. Some people have problems in their intimate relationships over television. For some it is family time that becomes lost. Everyone is watching something different in their own rooms. No one has to enjoy what the others like. There is less time spent together and bonding. It is also preventing some from creating strong values and morals that are needed in life. They are so addicted to watching certain programs that it is hard to compromise on something to watch with their partner. They may also refuse to watch something their partner likes for various reasons.

Most couples then get another television to remedy this problem, but only make it worse. They then can avoid each other and watch television in separate rooms. By not being able to compromise on programming they lose time they could be spending together and possibly learning something new together, depending on the program. A person can affect all types of relationships in their lives by their addiction to their favorite television programming. Sometimes so much so that they could end up with no relationships at all. There is no shortage of crime, violence, sexual immorality on television hose days either.

This Can tend to make people less aware of the fact that these things are wrong or that they really do happen every day to real people. There are few reality shows that depict crimes that actually occur to people in the world. The violence in some of these shows is done in a comedic way and makes some people less aware of the actual dangers of real life. Others depict people hanging out in bars drinking all day or smoking, thus promoting these two addictions themselves. A lot of television shows depict people sleeping around with whomever. They rarely talk about safe sex in the recess.

Characters who go on dates, or are dating someone, but none of whom are married are constantly having sex. This promotes promiscuity. A lot of younger people tend to want to be like their favorite characters on television so they model their behavior after them. They do not see the error in their judgment because to them what they see and hear on television is the right way. It is the way everyone is doing it they tend to think. Television is becoming a killer to the human condition because people are losing their sensitivity for others and sense of awareness of the reality of the world.

Television was created as a way for people to get their news of things going on in their world and as a way to bring families together. It has become a ratings battle for viewers. Viewers who are becoming more and more addicted to the television and its storytelling. Some of these people are so addicted that it has affected their brains, their bodies, and relationships. It may also have affected their lives and jobs as well. We must take back the power that we have given television over our everyday lives now. There can only become more of s addicted if we don’t fight it now.