Experiencing the Arts

The definition of art, according to the Oxford dictionary is described as “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. ” (Oxford, 2014) Now at a time before I would have to agree with the current definition of art given by Oxford, however I began to experience something quite different at the tender age of eight years old.

At this age I was thrust into a world I did not want any parts of, I wanted to stay in my little bubble called my world and deal with my feelings the way I wanted to. However my mother and therapist thought of another way I could express my feelings and emotions, they thought I should try creative writing and dance. At first both of these art forms were foreign to me and I was afraid to be different, but once I was able to express how I was feeling through a series of movements and written words there was no stopping me. I could write out y feelings in a poem, or a song or just in a note or diary.

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I could pour out my soul onto a piece of paper and express excited, depressed or angry I was. Creative writing believe helped save my life, I began to dabble in poetry and spoken word and by the time was 14 1 was able to reveal my emotions to others by performing in poetry contests and other forms of the spoken word art form. Poetry does not discriminate nor does it judge because there is no right or wrong way to achieve or draw some emotion from your audience. Your audiences can be a room of one or 1 00 but as long as they feel your rods and evoke some emotion or feeling.

Poetry not only feeds your soul but some British researchers consider it music to the brain or mind that activates the same brain areas as music. (PUP, 201 3) Dancing in any form can evoke all sorts of emotion from the performer and their audience. I have been dancing since was nine years old and could not imagine myself doing anything else in my spare time. Dance has helped be boost my self-esteem, taught me to love myself and has even helped with my grades in grade school. I can use my body in a series of movements with or thou music to tell a story or even educate.

Dancing has a physical and emotional effect on the body. I have felt on top of the world when dancing, an almost nostalgic or high feeling that I never want to come down from. I am free when I dance; free to be who I am for as long as my legs can carry me.