Explain Why The League Of Nations Was Weak

A reason for the weakness of the League was the limited membership of the I ague. Initially, 42 countries joined the league including countries like Britain and France. Ho waver, many European countries were facing economic problems and had a weak military. Thus, countries were focusing on rebuilding their nation instead of working with other nation s. Furthermore, the USA themselves did not join the league even though they played a major r ole in it having a large economy and the American Government refused to ratify the Treaty of

Versailles, which led to the League of Nations. Another reason for the weakness of the league of nations would be their lack of credibility and authority. Due to their close association with the Treaty of Versailles, they so n built up the image of being the league for victorious nations. A large majority of the nation NSA who were in the LOON were on the side of the allies and peacekeeping measures were also I inadequate. For example, the league’s peacekeeping measures did not keep Japan and ITIL y from pursuing their expansionist policy in 1930.

Another reason for the weakness of the league of nations would be their strut actual weaknesses. Various parts of the league did not work well together due to the IR conflicting ideas and probably trust issues, thus it was hard to take effective action as a ague together. Furthermore the secretariat was understaffed and disorganized.