Expository Essay Fossil Fuels

In many scenarios, they need it to fuel their cars and as a source of energy in big facto rises because heap, but on the other it causes one of the most controversial topics, global warming. Fossil fuel goes all the way back in history, mankind has used it forever, but there is NT an unlimited supply and its nonrenewable. The world we know now could change forever because of the over depletion of this energy source, whether we’re the generation that make s it happen or not, that’s up to us.

Fossil fuels have always been available to mankind throughout our existence. In the past 1 00 years, fossil fuel has become the worlds largest source of energy. The first traceable act of using fossil fuel in Britain was in the year 852 A. D. This information com sees from a document named Angelinos Chronicle, which notes the rent payment to an abbot for “60 loads of wood, 12 loads of coal, and 6 loads of peat. ” The reasoning for the PU reaches was Mitchell 2 not recorded, but we can infer that they were probably intended to use the p researches as fuel.

In the mid 1 ass’s, coal production in Britain rose consistently. England’s foresee t was exhausted due to the growth in population and increased shipbuilding and m manufacturing. The cheapest alternative to wood was coal, messy and different than the tradition al heating fuel. Later to come, the invention of the blast furnace in 1 735, changed the use of c AOL from a heating fuel to a fuel for iron production. The industrial revolution was cause d by the cheap production of iron, which increased the demand for coal.

From then on late in to the next century, British coal production topped the rest of the world’s output. Although fossil fuel was already discovered and being put to use in Britain, coal was not discovered in America until 1673 by European explorers near Utica, Illinois. Although it was discovered, the e first commercial coal mine did not open until 1 745, near Richmond, Virginia. A rich coal steam, destined to become America’s major source of coal, was discovered around 1 754 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Ohio coal beds were reported in 1755, and began b Ewing mined by 1770 during George Washington’s visit. The first reports of petroleum use that t were documented come from the Middle East near 2000 B. C. , when ancient writers describe oil seeps, pools, and asphalt. Petroleum was announced worthless due to its flag Mabel nature by the Romans. Other early users of petroleum include, Babylonians and Egypt titans, which used it for mortar on bricks and waterproofing ships, and Native Americans t at used it as a remedy to help heal cuts and burns.

The oil fields of Pennsylvania became the place for the first significant step in oil use right before the Civil War. Significant steps such as the distillation process, which causes the production Of lamp and lubricating Oils, tars, and gasoline. At the moment, gasoline was thrown out of the equation until the d velveteen of an internal combustion engine that could use gasoline. This caused the rise of the e automobile industry. During this time, oil fields that had opened in West Virginia, Colorado o, California, and Mitchell 3 Texas were available for gasoline production.

During the early sass, demand s began to increase for oil and rising prices stimulated exploration for new fields world w did. A major factor in the victory of the Allies in World War II, was the Allies’ ability to limit Germany and Japan’s access to the necessary oil fields in the Middle East and other world ii I supplies. Oil production nearly doubled in the sass and again in the sass, due to the De and after the war. (Fossil Fuels) One of the many advantages to fossil fuel is the fact that it is composed of a h calorific value.

Since it is composed of a high calorific value, one GM of fossil f high quantity of energy. This energy that is produced, is like no other capability sis of other energy sources. This means you will receive a better output of energy from HTH s source than no other. Another beneficial quality of fossil fuel is the fact that it’s easy to loc ate. Fossil fuel is found all over, and now, more than ever, fossil fuel is more easily found. With the help of new, advanced technology, we today can find fossil fuel quick and easily.

Fossil fuel is extremely abundant, which makes the expenses of it less. Since fossil fuels are so abound ant and inexpensive, it is often used in massive power plants in different countries. Sis CE fossil fuel is inexpensive, many companies can use the money they saved and spend it on other expenses in other areas. “Because it comes in gaseous and liquid form, vehicle owners c an easily use it for their vehicle” (Appease), fossil fuel is a very important source Of energy for the 20th and 21 SST century with cars.

If it wasn’t for fossil fuel, we wouldn’t have gas, which means we would have to find another source of energy for cars. Today, the new source of inner gay for cars is electric energy, such as recharging a battery instead of gas, but the only issue with it is that the energy cars are more expensive than gas cars. Therefore, gas cars still lea d in the primary vehicle. Fossil fuel is easier to extract and process than other forms o f energy. Since fossil fuel is easy to extract and process, it makes fossil fuel so much cheaper and affordable Mitchell 4 than energy forms that are unconventional (Appease).

Also, today’s techno gay to harness fossil fuel is more developed than it use to be, and more than any other way t o harness other types of energy. This is why fossil fuel has been used to power the world for a s many decades as it has. (Fossil Fuels Pros and Cons) Consequently, fossil fuel contains a decent amount of disadvantages to push f or a ewer, echo friendly source of energy. Fossil fuel releases greenhouse gases ( carbon dioxide and methane) since it contains hydrocarbon. Unfortunately, this really does gar eat damage to the ozone layer.

Recent research shows that fossil fuel also does extensive dad mage in the ecology. This affects many people and animals. Fossil fuel is another reason f or the fuel price spike. Due to the reduction of reservoirs has created the withdrawal process of fossil fuel, which isn’t the cheapest expense. Fossil Fuel is also the cause of the deaths of many marine animals. When being transported, fossil fuel tends to leak, especially when bee g transported by water. When the ship that carries this fossil fuels sinks, the fuel that was on the ship blends in with the sea water, which results in the killing of our marine life.

Acid rain is a big issue caused by fossil fuels. It’s caused by sulfur dioxide gas being produced whew n fossil fuel is burnt. Acid rain is the cause of destruction of monuments that are made of BRB kick or marble. Coal mining, another form of fossil fuel, puts many works at a great danger a ND destroys land. Acid rain has a nasty, sulfur smell, not pleasing to the nose. Sometimes we do NT like to think bout it, but there isn’t an endless supply of fossil fuel in the world, one day w e are going to run out of it.

If fossil fuels continue to be extracted at the unlimited level, there e will for sure be a depletion of it in the near future. They are non renewable, which can cause f eel prices to skyrocket in the future. Unfortunately, we don’t know where the limit is, but w e know there are limited amounts. (Disadvantages) Mitchell 5 On the whole, fossil fuels disadvantages outweigh its advantages. Whether you u are looking at the fact that the innocent marine life is being killed off by our selfish h, inconsiderate actions or the outlook on the world as we know coming to an end.