Expository Essay

The Internet: not just for porn Though many people feel, jokingly or not, that the internet is for porn, there are many contributing factors to the purpose of the internet, both from providers and users prospective that have nothing to do with porn. The internet began as a way to share information more easily between CERN (a European particle physics research Organization) employees and scientist in relevant fields of study, but by 1993 it had grown full-scale and had become a household phenomenon.

Since then internet providers have been working hard to give everyone reliable service and access, but it’s not just for customer satisfaction. They do so because it is a multimillion dollar a year industry, striving on commercialism and marketing sales. Today we use the internet for just about everything, whether it is for education, information, entertainment, communication, colonization, or shopping. Our day to day lives are intertwined to the internet, whether we like it or not. The internet opens new possibilities allowing us to exchange information, connect socially, ND exchange goods in ways we never have before.

Des 2 Communication in this day and age is very reliant on the internet, we check our emails and social sites to maintain contact with friends, employees, relatives or customers. Think about how often you yourself check your email or social site, now try to accurately picture yourself with no access for at least a week. Does this idea seem frustrating or even impossible? Some would view it as a blessing while others regard it as a curse. According to research by the Relevancy Group 66% of American’s check their emails bet”. ‘en 2-8 times a ay, 13% end up checking their emails hourly.

In today’s society where almost everyone has a smartened or tablet it is easy to access the web and more often than not our emails are sent directly to our personal devices so that we can be as up to date as possible on all relevant information. From our need to be socially connected has spawned a plethora of online social media sites such as Namespace, Backbone, Live journal, Twitter, Tumbler, Snatch, and Mainstream to name a few, and yes all of them can be used for pornography as well. Each offers you a way to share your opinions through written or visual presentation, while expanding your social circle.

These sites allow us to feel more connected socially and keep up with our friends over vast distances, where once we had minimal means to do so. All of these sites offer promotional space for marketing companies that help to keep them in business and generate profit to maintain the sites we all love. Even politicians are beginning to see the large impact of promoting on social media sites. For example a study done by the PEW research center shows that in the 2014 elections 28% of voters used social media to stay up to date on the polls, which is an increase of 22% from the 2010 elections.

So with communication and colonization at an all time high it is safe to say that it is one of our more important uses of the internet. You could argue that the most important reason for the internet is information and education. We search at our most random whims on Google or similar search engines for any Des 3 ounce of knowledge on subjects that may interest us, including porn, as well as researching for educational purposes, Or even just downloading eBooks for personal growth. In today’s society everyone is trying to get a leg up in the cuisines world through higher learning whether in the classroom or online.

Yes online learning is on the rise with more than 6. 7 million students taking at least one online course a semester in an article from the Bassoon survey research group. With most colleges offering online degrees and institutes like the University of Phoenix, Kaplan university, and the Art Institute offering easy access to classes with a wide variety of availability to fit around even the busiest individuals schedule. It is hard to imagine not having these options, older generations never had the things we have today.

It was normal to not have an education or at least anything beyond the basics, and today’s technology gives people the chance to better themselves like never before. Thus information and education are arguably one of the most important purposes of the internet in the modern age. Then of course there’s entertainment, have you ever lounged around and binge watched a television series or movie franchise? I am willing to bet you have, and probably via an internet service like Nettling, Hull, Amazon Instant, Project free TV, Youth or any other similar site. In a blind study by Carnegie

Mellon University it stated that 48% of the time on the internet is spent on entertainment while only 2% was spent on pornographic sites. The entertainment industry has always been on the cutting edge of new technology providing us with more way to enjoy ourselves and new thrills to keep us coming back for more. With the internet to advertise and deliver their products there is nothing you can find to watch if you really know where to kick. Entertainment like movies and television distract us from our everyday lives and give us a glimpse at the things we want, the places we want to go, ND the ideas we have only dreamed about.

With Youth becoming more and more popular you have a much more varied range of Des 4 programming to keep you entertained, or to help you procrastinate what you should be doing. In these relatively new things we see a growth in acceptance of different peoples ideas, cultures, and opinions on a great range of things. Paving the way for acceptance and understanding and bringing humanity together, yes all of this is done through entertainment, I know it’s a hard concept to grasp but you are learning even when you are not trying to.

Leading us to the thing that most people love about the internet, shopping. We shop globally for things large and small; both exotic and common items can now be accessed by the general public. With sites like Amazon, eBay, test, Q.V., and Overstock. Com you can order any thing you could image, for instance a popular eBay items include human souls, animal skeletons, and even a haunted rubber ducky. So while you can find even the most ridiculous items online you can of course find things you actually need like groceries, new phones, or clothing.

This gives us a wider range of tastes and an appreciation of different cultural cuisine as well as global fashion trends and new technologies. We can buy anything online in this modern age, even if some people just waste their time and money on porn. Myself frequently order items from New Zealand because of my unusual hobbies, while others may buy something from just a few cities away because it is more convenient than driving an hour or two to get something. Why waste the time and gas to do so when you can order online have it shipped to you and never even have to get out of your pajamas?

There really is no point, you save time and money y ordering online. By purchasing in this way we expand our tastes and ideas allowing for even the smallest of businesses to grow the global economy. So while the internet can be used for porn it is also a great resource for all different aspects of our lives. From the wonders of eBooks and online educations to the horrors of what you might find for sale on eBay. We use the internet for everything from filling out job Des 5 applications, trading stocks online, selling your possessions on eBay, or sending your friend that sweet online birthday card.

The internet has many efferent purposes to many different people around the world. It is something we rely on to get us what we want or what we need in our everyday lives. It allows us to stay connected to the people in our lives no mater what the distance, and allows us to exchange the fleeting hope that we will all be with the ones we love eventually. It permits us to exchange ideas and thoughts in ways we never would have thought to even 25 years ago. We watch, we learn, we shop and we play in new ways thanks to the internet and I know that my life would not even be remotely the same without it. How about yours?