Years later when cracks begin to form and appear, water will enter, open up the pellets. Then the bacteria will develop and start to feed on the lactate, therefore bonding the calcium with the carbonate ions to form calcite or limestone. (Bicarbonate,2015) 3. 1. 1 Analysis Many hotel developers would benefit from this material because of it’s self healing properties, no one would have to go and repair the damage. Furthermore, commercialism’s of this material will result in maintenance and repair costs substantially decreasing.

In addition, having low demand for natural resources, C)2 emissions will lessen as well. Also, if situated on the of of any structure, acting as a natural cave formation, Bicarbonate will be able to filter rain water, making it drinkable. A great example of this would be a model created called Water of life project by a company in Budapest called IVAN”. (Roundhouse by VIVIAN, 201 5) 3. 2 Article 2 – “Is Vertical Farming A Solution For Dense Cities? ,” (Simpson, 2015).

People are currently using 800 million hectares (38%) of earth’s surface for farming and having forecasted to have a population Of 8. 3 billion people in less than 50 years. As a result of having lack of farming and living space, elution of building vertical farming was brought up. They are hybrid complexes aimed to give space for gardening and accommodation. It was introduced in the early ass’s by architect Ken Yean. A building or complex will be designed to offer maximum sun exposure and to help provide food for about 50,000 people at 2,000 calories per day. Future Design on Vertical Farming and Housing 201 5) 3. 2. 1 Analysis Imagine a hotel so sustainable it is able to provide resources for itself with minimal cost and damage as well as a global solution to urban food and space needs, the benefits of vertical farming are that not only will it provide DOD such as lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes and peppers, but it will also allow people to produce crops throughout the year by using only 70 percent less water. Additionally it will diminish importing costs and also eliminate the use Of agro-chemicals.

Also, the fact that these buildings and complexes rely on natural forces, such as sunlight and wind, by theory it would be very sustainable and able to minimize electricity costs as well as water costs. (Harvest Vertical Farm, Vancouver, 201 5) 3. 3 Article 3 – “Could Solar Roads Be Our Renewable Energy Savior? ,” (Preston, 2014). As the population increase, the availability of renewable natural resources decreases. Therefore, as a solution, solar roads are created to produce large quantities of solar energy, in which is able to generate electricity throughout cars, homes, and buildings.

Additionally, the electricity it will generate will be able to hold practical application in street and traffic lighting, as well as generating electric cars as they drive on the solar roads. But despite the innovative creation of using such a material for efficient renewable energy source, there are still many complications and flaws it holds. (sailboards, 2015) 3. . 1 Analysis Solar roads are created to be environmentally sustainable, cost effective, and provides efficiency in the long run.

It is designed with a top layer of translucent tempered glass that has both sustainable and practical difficulties. The glass needs to stay clean from dirt so sunlight can reach the cells underneath the glass. In addition, safety issues such as driving and or walking on tempered glass is entirely unalike from driving and or walking on asphalt, which is designed to create friction. Also it holds the issue Of the glass cracking and liquefying and come to be a hazard to pedestrians and vehicles ND the size and weight of vehicles have to be taken in to consideration.

This could be designed into a hotel or resort, possibly surrounding it, generating power and electricity for the property. 3. 4 Article 4 – ‘”ATA Holiness:remember IS The Building Tool Of The Future,”(Authoritativeness. Com, 2014). The future of building and construction is in one of our most expensive natural resources, timber. ATA Holiness, a principle of sustainable and affirmative design at engineering company GOD proposed that by using computational tools, the use of timber in construction will be revolutionary.

This talks about the benefits and advantages with using timber as a building material for construction. 3. 4. 1 Analysis The use of timber may be the solution for resource and energy efficiency, that is because it is seen as more efficient than steel and concrete in a long term basis and it is seen to have low ecological. Timber is expensive but if hotel developers were to use such technology such as the EXPAND system, which will give the engineered timber to possess the strength of steel while keeping the style Of timber.

Additionally it will revolutionist the use Of digital design and manufacturing and will open up barriers of the high end engineering and possibly remove roles played by architects and builders, which in result minimizes constructional costs. 3. 5 Article 5 – “Developing Sustainable Construction Materials With Mushrooms,” (Troubleshooter. Com, 2014). This article discusses the possibility of using mushroom bricks that will benefit the architects of the future in cultivating sustainable resources.

Bricks that are made largely of mushroom McCollum that has been grown on agricultural waste by a company called Cooperative. Additionally this article cuisses on how this provides sustainability and respectability, the design, if it is weatherproof, as well as the future of using mushroom materials. 3. 5. 1 Analysis Another new introduced technology, would be perfect for hotel developments are mushroom bricks. The bricks made out of mushrooms score high for sustainability because they/re produced with Zero carbon emissions and generates no waste. Additionally it is affordable, fire resistant, and has low or no Voss.

As a result, this will provide the building industry a solution for CEO- friendly and energy-efficient construction. Not only is a mushroom brick biodegradable, it is 200,000 times softer than steel, 10,000 times less hard than a classic brick but is able to hold weight equivalent to 50 cars. Furthermore, this material will replace lots of materials such as engineered woods and plastics. 3. 6 Article 6 – “Creating Sustainable Building Materials using Hemp,” (Blindfold, 2014). This article discusses the creation of sustainable materials using hemp plant.

This material is gaining popularity in Australia and around the world but it’ll only awhile till it gets introduced into the Australian market. A company based n NEWS, Australia called Zoe, created a product called Coffer that is made of cellulose and water taken from the plant. This material could be used with many things such as building furniture, housewives, industrial parts, and building cladding. 3. 6. 1 Analysis It is CEO-friendly and biodegradable and the maintenance for the products made from this material will have minimal to none maintenance costs.

Therefore, for example, if hotels were to have furniture made from Coffer, the hotel would save money on maintenance costs because the material is durable as well as environmentally sustainable. Additionally, the material does not contain any chemical elements and the use of Coffer minimizes the use of environmentally damaging petrochemical materials. It also converts waste to a versatile material that will substitute plastics, woods and composite materials being used. (Blindfold, 2014) 3. 7 Article 7 – “Underwater Luxury Hotel Becomes Dubbed Reality,” (Deliberativeness. Mom, 2012). The underwater luxury hotel will be built in Dubbed and would have 21 rooms that’ll be 10 meters beneath sea surface. Their target market is aimed at wealthy tourists and marine enthusiasts. The hotel design will feature a round sis-shaped structure over and under the water surface. Three “legs” will connect the disk structures over and under and a vertical shaft in which will contain lifts and stairway. Each room will have glass framed window walls that provides continuous views of the coral reefs.

This hotel will feature an above- water restaurant, spa, swimming pool, rooftop garden and helipad. (Design Plan for The Water Discus Underwater Hotel, 201 2) 3. 7. 1 Analysis This hotel will not necessarily be environmentally sustainable and cost effective because, just based on it’s location and target market, product ND service is all about luxury. It is also mentioned, that according to the designers of the hotel, it will resist even the most extreme conditions. Also, for example in any event of danger, the underwater disk structure will automatically surface.