Faith Int

The Bible teaches us to be honest Being honest in the corporate world include not advertising false products, treating employees fair as well as competitors. Looking at the four Fays Of marketing: Positioning – how the product was to be presented to the market – as a high end product, a commodity item, or somewhere in between. Packaging – which could be anything from blister packs and color choices for some items to showroom lighting and high gloss wax jobs for luxury vehicles. Pricing – is pretty self explanatory, and it has to be in keeping with and support the signposting choice.

Promotions – referring to any special deals to end users or distribution channels that would promote the movement of the product through the supply chain either from the “pull” side or on the “push” side When Jesus was preparing to minister to the people, Jesus prepares, proclaims, presented, and promises his word. This relate to the four Up’s in marketing or rather marketing relate to the four Up’s of Jesus preparing to deliver the word to the people. In anything you have to prepare your word, or in corporate world your product.

John the Baptist did not go into cities preaching the word, people came to him, so marketing manager need to make whereas the product can be found easily. When advertising product or marketing a company product, the product needs to deliver on what was advertise would provide and do. Having faith and taking a chance will help in any business venture. Do not be afraid to fell, but to keep trying and have the courage step out on faith.