FAKULTI board as director of finance from 1987





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QBE Insurance Group Limited is Australia’s largest global insurer. It provides insurance
services mainly to Australia, America, Europe and Asia Pacific region. QBE has
14226 employees in 37 countries worldwide. As of Aug 2012, QBE was ranked among
the world’s top general insurers. QBE has market capitalisation of A$ 17.81

company reported a 2016 profit after tax of $US884 million and an Combined
operating ratio (COR) or 94%, with profit up 23% on the prior year.

QBE was
listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1973
from the merger of three companies whose names represent the letters of the
combined company, Queensland
Insurance, Bankers’ and
Traders’ Insurance Company, and Equitable
Life and General Insurance Co., and its founding chairman was J.D.O. Burns.

then, QBE has continued to acquire many companies. For example, in February
2007, it acquired Mexican insurer Seguros Cumbre SA de CV, whose net
tangible assets were estimated at $26 million, and American insurer General Casualty Insurance. In 2011 QBE
purchased Balboa Insurance of California, USA from Bank of America.

Insurance is also known for its sponsorship of sports teams, including
the Sydney Swans of the Australian Football League, the Sydney
Roosters of the National Rugby League, the NSW Swifts of
netball’s trans-Tasman ANZ
Championship, the Perth Glory of
the Hyundai A-League and provincial New
Zealand Rugby team, North Harbour. QBE is the official
insurance partner of England Rugbyand the Argentine Rugby Union.

John Neal
was appointed to the position of Group Chief Executive Officer on 17 August
2012. Frank O’Halloran, the former CEO was with the company for over thirty
five years. He was appointed chief financial officer in 1982, joined the board
as director of finance from 1987 to 1994 and was director of operations from
1994 to 1997.

Our vision

To be the insurer that
builds the strongest partnerships with customers.

Our customers are defined very broadly and include our
major trading partners, brokers, agents, insureds, policyholders, claimants as
well as our most important asset, our own people.

Our purpose

We give people the
confidence to achieve their ambitions.

Everyone has ambitions and goals – both personal and

We give people the confidence to achieve them by helping
them manage risks so they can focus on the outcome they desire, not the
potential barriers holding them back.

Our values

ONE QBE is an acronym for the six values that drive the
day-to-day behaviour of our people.

Our ONE QBE values are:

Open Minded

§  Networked

§  Empowered

§  Quality

§  Business

§  Excellent

ONE QBE, and the six values it represents, is the common
thread that makes us ONE team of people whenever and wherever we do business in
the world.




The QBE story began in October 1886, when young Scotsmen
James Burns and Robert Philp – already partners in a shipping business –
established The North Queensland Insurance Company Limited (QI). The new
enterprise grew rapidly and by 1890 QI had over 35 agencies at home and in
far-flung locations such as London, Hong Kong and Singapore. Over the following
two decades they increased their overseas operations, setting up in Thailand,
Vietnam, Malaysia, India, China, Sri Lanka and Burma and more.  


In 1921 the pair founded the Bankers’ and Traders’
Insurance Company (B&T). Two years later Burns’ son (also named James
Burns) took the reins of both QI and B following the deaths of his father
and co-founder Philp. Burns built on his father’s legacy through both channels,
moving into New York, Montreal and Cairo, along with further Asian expansion.


Sound investment strategies helped QI and B&T weather
The Great Depression, with both companies surviving the economic downturn
triggered by the 1929 stock market crash. Even greater upheaval came with the
outbreak of WWII. Seventy-one QI staff saw active service and countless more
did their bit on the home front, from Australian fundraising efforts to the
London team working through the upheaval of the Blitz.


The post-war years marked a return to expansion, and a
significant acquisition. In 1959 QI and B&T each purchased large stakes in
The Equitable Probate and General Insurance Company. In 1973 the three
companies joined and – in a move The Australian
Financial Review called “one of the largest mergers in
Australian corporate history” – we became QBE. The new holding company, QBE
Insurance Group, was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, and we (QBE
Australia) became a division of QBE Group.

The QBE years

In recent years, QBE Australia has grown and diversified
through a series of acquisitions: Australian Eagle Insurance, Trade Indemnity
Australia and several underwriting agencies (including two aviation
specialists) among them. We also moved into lenders mortgage insurance,
acquiring PMI Australia – now QBE Lenders
Mortgage Insurance(QBE LMI) – in 2008. The following year we acquired 100%
of regional and rural insurer Elders Insurance Limited and 75% of Elders
Insurance Agency, taking total ownership of the agency business in 2014.

Today we have a strong presence across Australia, with
offices in the major centres and several regional locations. We continue to
focus on meeting the needs of our customers, brokers and partners, and look
forward to the future with the same excitement, determination and enthusiasm
that our founders Burns and Philp did in 1886.

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QBE Group
was founded in 1886 under the name North Queensland Insurance Company Limited.
The Q in their name stems from the word Queensland in their original name. In
1921, it was acquired by the Bankers and Traders Insurance Company Limited and
thus the B in QBE was born.

It wasn’t until 1973 that QB merged with
Equitable Probate to create QBE Group, and the name has carried on until today.
QBE is an international insurance company and is ranked among the top 25
insurance companies in the world.

QBE Americas Group claimed 0.13
percent of the U.S. private passenger auto insurance market as of June 2015,
the most recent data available from data analyst A.M. Best. That makes QBE the
66th-largest auto insurance carrier among the more than 1,400
tracked by Best.

Customer Service for QBE is provided by
Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, one of the nation’s largest private general
agencies. Claims Service for QBE is provided by American Claims Management,
which has specialized in handling insurance claims for almost 40 years.

QBE coverage options and discounts

You may be eligible for these money-saving QBE
auto insurance discounts and benefits:

Driver Discounts
Driver Discounts
Insurance Discounts
Driver Discounts
Driver Training Discounts
Renewal Discounts

QBE also offers optional coverages such as:

Towing and
Full Glass




QBE, we have been playing an active role in the communities in which we operate
since our founding. In 2011, the QBE Insurance Group launched its major global
corporate responsibility initiative: the QBE Foundation.

Foundation’s philosophy is to support charities that help people overcome
disadvantages, strengthen their abilities, and help them live more independently,
successfully and productively.

objectives include making a difference in key areas that align with QBE’s
vision and values. We also seek to drive employee engagement by developing
networking and a strong team-based culture. We strive to maximise the return
and impact for any collection, distribution and allocation of philanthropic

date, the Foundation has contributed more than RM225,000 between 2012-2014 to
help underprivileged children, youth and the elderly.






We are
in the business of managing risk. We understand risk, and in an increasingly
volatile world we believe our ability to manage risks makes it possible for our
customers to make things happen.

ability to satisfy our customers’ risk management needs is at the heart of what
we do. We will do everything we can to find a way to say ‘yes’ and to turn your
business ideas, opportunities and possibilities into realities. Our aim is to
make your vision a reality.


Malaysia’s critical ports

has seven major container ports that process approximately 20 million
containers annually. Outside of China, Malaysia has two of the 10 busiest
container ports in the world.

seven ports play a critical role in delivering on internal and external trade
commitments. As the nation’s economy and trading relationships continue to
grow, so does the importance of these ports to the country and the communities
in which they operate.


applying local knowledge and understanding, QBE now provides insurance to four
of the country’s seven ports either as lead insurer or via co-insurance. The
ability to provide insurance to these ports is based on the depth of QBE’s
expertise in the specific classes of insurance combined with the capacity to
insure the most critical risks for our customers.

QBE is
proud to help insure Malaysia’s trade assets, contributing positively to
country and the region.