Claims are made throughout their ad stating that their toothpaste beats the competition. Therefore the advertiser uses a number of fallacies and techniques to convince the consumer to purchase the product they are trying to sell. One of the methods used in the advertisement is Big Names. Brooke Shields says, ‘Colgate Total is my choice because it is the dentist’s choice. ” The use of the big names technique is to support the argument by mentioning experts and important people to help convince the buyer that it is better product than the rest.

One of the fallacies used is research. Research uses studies and information to make the argument seem more convincing. In this case, the form of an illustration is used to display research. Colgate Total toothpaste removes more plaque than regular toothpaste as shown in the two illustrations. Another technique the advertiser uses to convince is logos. Logos is the use of logic, numbers, or facts to support and argument. The ad claims to reduce 90 % more plaque germs than regular toothpaste.

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This is a common persuasive technique is today’s advertisements to persuade the consumer. Also, the bandwagon fallacy supports the claim trying to be proved which states that dentists use Colgate Total so you should as well. Bandwagon fallacy is a threat of rejection by one’s peers is substituted for evidence in an argument. Many advertisers are using fallacies and techniques these days to compete with the competition. One of the most effective techniques in my opinion is ethos. Ethos is when the building of trust and credibility is present.

This Colgate Total ad uses ethos by stating that it is #1 recommended most by dentists and hygienists. This builds a sense of trustworthiness that the products are good due to the fact dentists recommend it. This technique is a great way to convince buyers. Colgate uses another persuasion method known as biased sample. A biased sample is when a conclusion is about a population based on a sample that is biased or prejudiced in some manner. Colgate says that their toothpaste is better than “regular” toothpastes.

That is a very biased claim in the sense that there are undress of toothpastes. Colgate Total toothpaste uses many different persuasion methods throughout the advertisements they use. The company appeals to your sense of trust. Also, does research to prove to you their products is better. Famous people speak well about Colgate to increase consumers. They try to convince you using bandwagon. Numbers and percentages help them look good. Overall, regular toothpastes does not fight plaque and compare the way Colgate total does! Do settlers regular toothpaste when you could use Colgate!