Family and Uncle Frank

Questions and Answers: Chapter 1 1) What is the time and place setting of the novel? 1948, in Mercer County, Montana 2) What was the narrator’s father’s occupation? He was serving his second term as sheriff in Mercer County 3) Why hadn’t he served in combat? The father was 4-F. When he was sixteen a horse kicked him, breaking his leg so severely that he walked with a permanent limp, and eventually a cane, his leg V-deed in, his knee perpetually pointing to the left. 4) Did his father’s Job live up to the son’s expectation of danger and excitement? Explain. No, because his father never carried his gun on or off duty.

The son knew because he checked the drawer and the gun was always there. The son also felt that his father wasn’t dressed like a sheriff, a position with so much potential for excitement, danger, and bravery. 5) What motivated the narrator’s grandfather to run the sheriff? He wanted, needed, power, he was a dominating man, who drew sustenance and strength from controlling others. However, when his grandfather finally decided to retire for good and return to the ranch. He found a way to retain his power in the county and that was to turn the past over to his son. 6) Why did the narrator’s mother want the family to move away?

The mother wanted the father to find another Job, so that they could move because only doing those things, mother felt it would allow his father to be fully himself. 7) Where was the narrator’s happiest? 8) In your own words, describe Marie Little Solider. Housekeeper, hunk papa Sioux, close to aft tall and in her early twenties 9) What was her reaction when Dry. Frank Hayden came to examine her? Uncomfortable- she was shouting “Mrs.. ” and she wanted Gail (the wife). Marie thought he was the evil spirit. Marie didn’t want to be examined because Franks brother has molested Indian girls. ) How did the narrator’s mother get along with Frank? Frank was a charming man and the mother was suspicious of charm. Frank was a 1 1) How did the narrator’s opinion of his uncle change after eavesdropping on his parents’ conversation? The narrator began to think Uncle Frank as a criminal; also he may not have been entirely convinced of his guilt. The story the mother told was too lurid to frightening for Dave to continue thinking of his uncle in the way I always had. The charming affable of Uncle Frank was gone for good. 12) Did Wesley believe the allegations against Frank?

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West knows he is guilty, but West needs proof in evidence and hold off on convection until he had sufficient evident to support the allegations. 13) What is the symbolic significance of Wesley gun, briefcase, and badge in this chapter? The gun, briefcase and badge were passed down form the grandfather, who wanted his son to rule Mercer County. Question and Answers: Chapter 2 1) Who is Lie Young Bear? War hero, he was wounded in the action in north Africa, graduate of Montana State University deacon, at First Lutheran Church, executive with Montana Dakota Utilities