Famous tumors

Was able to listen to a potash called famous tumors. It talked about many different types of rare case tumors. Such as president Ulysses S. Grant, Tasmania devils, a man with a safety pin, a nun and God, and a lady and her daughter. The first segment was over a tumor that president Ulysses S. Grant had died from. They talked about going to see the exogamous cell carcinoma that actually killed the president. They then go on to talk about actual Tasmania devils that the photographer Christi Bears witnessed. He brought road kill off into the woods, to lure the devils.

He then sees little black shapes appearing in the forest. He sees the devils sniff out the road kill, and all of a sudden they eat and start fighting with each other. After another time setting up a dead kangaroo as bait, he noticed only one devil would show up at a time. He then noticed the devils had a type Of growth on their face with blood coming Out. Studies showed it was a tumor, with mangled chromosomes in a continuous pattern. Learning that the cancerous tumor had been leaping from devil to devil. Learning that the cells were replicating each other trying to grow and mutate.

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The cell is able to leave the primary tumor by spitting a type of acid. The immune systems of the devils are not able to fight off the cancerous cells due to getting confused with the good and bad cells. Following they talk about the possible benefits you may receive from a tumor. A man from his young pubescent age would look at a safety pin and have an orgasm. As the man grew older he started to have caesuras. After going to a psychiatric hospital, a benign tumor in the temporal lobe. They were able to remove the tumor and cure him from his pleasurable safety pin obsession.

He was never able to enjoy safety pins the same way again. A woman who became a nun, to receive the feeling of having Gods presence She then begins having headaches. After having an unusual headache she was able to experience Gods presence by having a fellow nun talk to her. Although it wasn’t the nun, it was God. She has a benign tumor also in her temporal lobe. She is faced with the difficulty of choosing to remove the tumor and lose the sense of being with God, or risk her health but still have the feeling she had been longing for. Unfortunately the tumor got worse and she had the tumor removed.

She then feels unhappy again as her physical abnormality has stopped. There was another women named Henrietta Lacks, who discovered her tumor herself. She felt as if something was wrong with her womb; curious enough she was able to find a lump. The doctor she ended up seeing had never seen a tumor like it. The doctors would then take pieces to study, although the cells would die. The lady ended up dying from uremia. As the researcher discovered the cells wouldn’t die and double in size. The researchers were able to produce hundreds and thousands Of the cells named the heal strain.

Wanting to make a polio vaccine. Finding out that the heal cells replicated with polio. The heal cells were injected with every type of virus to try and find a vaccination. Lastly the daughter of the Henrietta, Deborah was highly curious of the mother she never was able to know. Doing research on her mothers heal cells, she found there were thousands and thousands of these cells. She thought there were clones out there of her mother. Deborah was finally able to find a picture and then information on her mother. She worried that the other cells of her mother were living on and hurting her mother.

Deborah was able to meet her mothers cells, feeling some type of happiness of actually meeting a part of her mother. I found fascinating in the potash of having actual live audio of what some of these researchers had been through with the people or animals with the tumors. In the potash I wouldn’t really have something to change. I truly liked all aspects of how they played it. Liked the little sound effects they added just to add more effect to the story. I liked the audio they had from live footage. I also liked how they explained things in such great detail you felt as if you

Were there with these people or animals experiencing what they felt. I did not really know much about tumors before I listened to the potash. On the other hand I did know some information on chemotherapy as if the cancer were to go away and come back, it would come back stronger and bigger. I also understood some of the terminology such as the right lower quadrant. The material presented in the potash was very interesting to me. I found myself being more engaged than I thought would be. The information was told in stories, which helped me associate and understand what each of the tumors did.