Fatter Generation

Fatter Generation There are more and more young people in Hong Kong are overweight and unfit in recent decades. According to the health experts, they believe that this trend is related to the dietary habits of the young people and their life styles. To stop the generation from being fatter and fatter, we need to analyses and tackle the problems. To begin with, unbalanced dietary habit is one of the most influential factors of being unfit. The variety of their diets is not very rich. For instance, they are most likely to order deep-fried and meat-basis dishes.

In addition, they merely order vegetables or sort of the similar things which are high in fiber. This eating habit will definitely lead the young people to become overweight. Not only the young people themselves, but also the parents play important roles in this issue. Under the Hong Kong education system, parents care about their kids’ academic results rather than their health and dietary habits. They may Just get their kids some instant food and urge them to study or do homework. Besides the dietary habit, there is another factor that making the young people unfit.

First of all, the youngsters do less exercise than they should do. They prefer sitting in front of the computer, browsing through Backbone or using MS, rather than going to the sports field and doing exercise. Their sedentary lifestyles cause them to sit more and exercise less. Besides having no time to do exercise, there is one more reason that discourages youngsters to do exercise. To tackle with these problems, we have different measures. For the variety of the diet, we can control the food supplied in the school canteen.

Less deep-fried dishes but ore vegetables. Though we cannot help with all of the young people in Hong Kong, alleyways the students in some specific schools. For the parental problem, we can give them some brochures as they buy the ingredient in the supermarket. In the brochure, we can show them the importance and the effects of having unbalanced diet for young people, especially for those are at puberty stage. Furthermore, ‘reschedule’ is very important in time management. Young people do not know how to spend their time wisely and efficiently.

If they learn and know how to spend their mime wisely, I am quite sure they can have time to do exercise. Last but not least, the weather condition may affect young people’s initiatives to do exercise. They can go to the indoor sports field instead of the outdoor sports field. The idea of doing exercise is sweating out our energy and have good health. It should not be constrained by the environmental factors. If the young people in Hong Kong are able to follow the mentioned measures, I believe the overweight and unfit problem can be controlled and may even be solved in the coming future. By DQMOT