Favorite Brand

There are many different brands out there that are great. Recently, there is one brand that has gotten my attention and is now my favorite brand. They make many different items. This brand is called under Armor. Under Armor mainly makes a line of clothing for fitness. The company started in 1996 by a University of Maryland student (Under Armor Inc. , 2015). They make clothing for just about every sport including my favorite activities of hunting and fishing.

Their clothing is very comfortable and their shoes are unforgettable right out of the box. One of the main reasons I like Under Armor so much is how comfortable their clothing is. They have a charged cotton t-shirt that is so comfortable that I love to wear them all the time. I recently bought a pair of hunting boots from under Armor and those boots were comfortable right from the start. I put them to the test last fall elk hunting and my feet stayed warm and dry and my feet did not hurt even though the boots were brand new and had not broken them in yet.

I had also bought a pair of their thermal tops and bottoms for hunting and again hey kept me warm and dry. They have a line of heat gear and cold gear that will help keep you warm in the winter and help keep you cool in the summer. Very comfortable clothing. Another reason like Under Armor so much is that they are really not that overpriced. They are priced about the same as other major name brands such as Nikkei, and Ideas. It seems that many people are now going with Under Armor because I see people wearing the gear all the time.

I also see people wearing Nikkei and Ideas also but it seems that more and more people are going to Under Armor. I have to say you get your moneys worth when you buy Under Armor. Their clothes are well made and they last a long time. Actually just bought Under Armor baseball pants, batting gloves, cleats, and a bag for a really good price and they are really comfortable. I highly recommend Under Armor. A third reason I like Under Armor so much is that they are big supporters of the military and they do a lot for them.

This is close to my heart as I served in the military and it always helped to see how companies WOUld support us. They actually ratter with Wounded Warrior Project to help support wounded military and their families. I actually donate every month to them in the support (Wounded Warrior Project, Inc. , 2015). Under Armor even does the game uniforms for the military academies. I have also seen where Under Armor makes some uniform items for the military to help them keep comfortable when they are in different situations. Does Gender Armor have loyal customers in different groups?

Yes they do. Under Armor has many sponsors and they have a great reputation with many different groups. They support the military, they help students by giving scholarships for student athletes (Waddle, 2013). The company has even gone as far as to bring kids into a store to meet some of the athletes who wear the Under Armor gear (Waddle, 2013). Children, aged 6 to 11, form a public key for Under Armor. In addition to them being the adult market of the future, many children have their own purchasing power and can influence their parents’ purchasing habits (Waddle, 2013).

This is some of the different loyal customers they have. There are many more and I think that the military is one of the big groups that have become loyal customers. In addition, the company work for is looking for a new company to make our uniforms for work. I am an aircraft mechanic and the uniforms we have just do not hold up that long. There are several companies in the running and under Armor is one of them. I am hoping that the company will get a good showing from Under Armor because they will make a great uniform that will last a long time.

Under Armor is a company that makes great clothing and I have become a loyal fan for life. Have had nothing but great luck with their clothing line and I have put some of the items to the test. Some of the competitors that I might even be close to them is Nikkei and Ideas. Both of them make great items but will always think that Under Armor is the better company. Nikkei and Ideas both have a great fan loyalty to them and I have bought some stuff from them but find the quality of Under Armor better and their clothing is more comfortable.

In the future I see where Legend Armor will be bigger than Nikkei ND Ideas because of their quality and how they want to help the communities around them and the military as well. Under Armor is a great company and brand. I recommend at least trying their product to see how you like it.