Ferguson Final Moment Spreading like an epidemic , the incident in Ferguson, Missouri has been the topic of the press since August ninth when Mike Brown was shot in the street by a police officer. What seemed at first to be an unjustified murder of a black teen boy by a white off cert. started a large outbreak of riots in Ferguson. Escalating riots are becoming out of hand and a re bringing about serious consequences; buildings are being burned down, lives are being ruined d, and even deaths have resulted from these riots.

The riots in Ferguson are a major injustice beck use the city of Ferguson will never fully recover from the tragic aftermath. Evidence from the past proves that riots like these seen in Ferguson will have devastating effects. Detroit, Michigan, for example, suffered from the consequences of ROI TTS. Detroit faced the worst riot of the sass leading to the death of 43 innocent citizens. Senior fellow at the Hoover Institution Thomas Swell says “Businesses left Detroit, taking with the me jobs and taxes that were very much needed to keep the city viable. Middle class people both black and white also fled”(Swell).

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Like Detroit, Ferguson has been defaced by the riots. The RI tot in Detroit will never be forgotten; likewise, the Ferguson outbreak is history in the making. Harlem is yet another example of the gruesome aftermath that riots like these e in Ferguson can bring about. Before the riots, businesses flourished and there was no shoo art of healthy competition between them throughout the city. After the riots, many business owners and their families were driven away. Swell states “There were plenty of stores in that s name neighborhood when I was growing up, as well as a dentist, a pharmacist, and an optician, all I as than a block away.

But that was before the neighborhood was swept by riots”(Swell). The SE deadly riots in Harlem have had lasting impacts that are still prevalent today and has turned it into a less than safe environment. Years from now, the tragic riots in Ferguson will be written down in the history y books as one of America’s darkest times. Reputation changed forever , Ferguson is no longer just a little town in Missouri; it is a place that others will think of as dark, unsafe, and core opted. The riots have permanently scarred the face of Ferguson, Missouri.