Film Review_Titanic

Rose, the main female character, is a first-class passenger whose mother forces her to marry a rich man to solve her family’s financial problems. Rose, her mother and her fiance are on Titanic, a big new ship which is labeled as “unsinkable”. Indeed, Rose does not like her fiance and she wants to commit suicide by jumping from the stern. At that moment, Jack, a poor artist from lower class, stops her. Jack and Rose start to spend time with each other and they become friends haring their thoughts and feelings.

Rose shows Jack her engagement present, a necklace with a rare diamond called the Heart of the Ocean. Rose finds she is not respected and cared by her fiance but Jack. They then fall in love quickly and they want to keep their romance alive despite all the traditional forces against them. As mentioned, Jack is an artist and is good at drawing. Jack sketches Rose wearing the necklace. After that, they visit the forward deck and witness a collision with an iceberg.

All the people are nervous because Titanic starts to sink. Everyone is scared. There are only a few lifeboats and only some of the passengers on the ship can be saved. Rose and Jack are being apart since Jack dies… It makes me sad when I know that Jack and Rose cannot be together. The part appreciate most is that, the effects on making Titanic sink are so realistic. The director James Cameron must put a lot of efforts on producing the film. Think it is a great film that you cannot miss.