final lecture 1

Factors that prove climate change is occuring
1) The lands and oceans have warmed
2) Precipitation patterns have changed
3) Extreme weather events are likely to increase
4) Glaciers (one of the most sensitive indicators of climate change) have been unable to regenerate (not enough made in winter to make up for lost in summer)
Main contributors to greenhouse gas effect
1) 70-90% due to fossil fuel use and consumption
2) remaining 10-30% due to human land use activities
IPPC Report on adaptation and mitigation
intergovernmental panel on climate change

One way to increase adaptive capacity is to introduce the consideration of climate change impacts in development planning, including adaptation measures in land-use planning and infrastructure design

Planning considerations for California
PUBLIC HEALTH – poor water quality/heat
WATER RESOURCES – Decreasing Sierra snowpack/challenges in securing adequate water solutions/potential reduction in hydropower/loss of water reduction
AGRICULTURE – increasing temp/expanding ranges of agg/increasing threats from pests and pathogens
FORESTS AND LANDSCAPES – increasing wildfires/shifting vegetation/declining forest prod.
RISING SEA LEVELS – Increasing coastal floods/shrinking beaches