Final Paper

Communication is a process where two or more individuals strive to create shared meaning using verbal and nonverbal messages in a variety of intents. The word communication can be traced back to the Latin word communicate, which means “to join or unite,” “to connect,” “to participate in,” or “to share with all” (Bean & Sole, 2014 Chi. 1. 1). Language is the most common way people communicate. More than 6000 languages and major dialects are spoken in the world today, most of them grouped in families. These many types of languages create a barrier when it comes to interpersonal communication.

Different language can cause difficulties when two people try to communicate. However, by using different verbal or nonverbal gestures can help the communication between two people. Self- concept can be defined as one’s description or portrayal of him- or herself as a person, ‘based on an organized collection of beliefs and feelings about oneself’ (Myers, 1 993, p. 188). Self-concept can come from many different ways from how the individual sees himself, to how everyone sees the individual to what everyone has said about the individual.

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It can be learned, changed and molded in time. By communicating effectively it can build how the individual feels about themselves. This internal process has several contributions such as looking-glass self which is a sense of how the individual insiders to look to other people. Social comparison which we compare ourselves to others. People use communication daily to interact with everyone, everywhere. Developing proper communication skills can lead to successful professional and academic career.

It can also lead to a meaningful relationship with friends, family and in relationships. Learning how to build a successful way to communicate can help you avoid social and occupational mistakes. Self-perception theory has been supported by various lines of research. The critical assumption underlying the theory is that individuals moieties do not have internal access to the causes of their own behavior. There are so many ways to communicate with one another. It seems every day there are new forms of communication being developed.

Information Technology has closed the distance on how we communicate with everyone all over the world. There are some characteristics when it comes to communication. First there has to be two or more person involved in the communication. Then a process occurs where one can influence or shape the next encounter. During the process there has to be a shared meaning, and having ones thoughts and idea transferred to another. Communication can be verbal or nonverbal messages using language and symbols or using body movements or physical attractiveness.

Finally, context is use to differentiate time and place to use certain way to communicate. For example we would speak or yell in a library to talk to another individual. “Although speakers expected their spouse to understand them better than strangers, accuracy rates for spouses and strangers were statistically identical. This result is striking because speakers were more confident that they were understood by their spouse” (Healthy, 2011 Developing efferent ways to become a competent communicator can increase the chance of academic and professional success.

Effective communication can have a positive outcome in individual’s life, whether its interview for a job or writing a paper on communication. Many including myself have suffered or avoided from speaking in front of people or an audience. This is called communication apprehension a fear and stress, either real or imagined, associated with the anticipation Of interpersonal communication (Bean & Sole, 2014). This type of stress can lead to negative affect on building and enhancing one’s self-concept.

The present findings suggest that CA may be one key inhibitor to academic and professional success (Blame & Baldwin & Ryan, 2013). According to Michelle Pence and Andrea Vickers (201 2), being able to listen in an active-empathic way is positively related to having emotional intelligence, which involves the ability to monitor, regulate, and discriminate among your own and your partner’s feelings in order to guide your thoughts and actions (Salvoes & Mayer, 1990). Communication can also determine how we want our relationship to be with others.

Relationship maintenance is actions that sustain or preserve our legislations in a State that we desire. When developing a relationship whether it’s a friend or a partner, is it important to have quality communication. Communication is integral to human relationships. It affects whether relationships are initiated and how they evolve (Evangelist, 2015). On the article in U. S. News it states “An interesting irony is that two people who truly hate one another will often exhibit a high amount of language-style matching,” Baneberry says (Bower, 2010).

By having a well-rounded skills of both verbal and nonverbal communication can give anyone an ability to have a positive relationship with others. You can improve both your verbal and nonverbal communication skills by analyzing your communication, observing others as they communicate, and practicing and adjusting your communication (Bean & Sole, 2014). I believe that both men and women are merging in the middle where men are talking more about their feelings and women are becoming little more reserved. In gender communication I think that the gap between the differences has narrowed quite a bit since the past decade.

I agree with Janet Shipley Hyde (2005) and Kathy Dianna (2006) are two of many proponents of the gender similarities hypothesis, which states hat males and females are much more alike than different in terms of how they think, feel, and communicate (Bean 2014). Come to realize that self-disclosure is essential to building a solid relationship. Taking the time to express ones emotions and sharing it with the ones you care about lets them know that there is more to the relationship than just work, bills, and chores. Believe that having quality communication can directly influence the satisfaction of a relationship.

In order to have an effective communication each person should be able to express their thoughts without having to hide heir feelings. Rather than having a resolution where they mutually agree on ending the discussion with satisfaction and not to bring it up again, they settled on just conflict management which means that the parties have dealt with the conflict for the time being, but one or both individuals remains dissatisfied (Bean & Sole, 2014. Chi. 9. 2).. I never understood the importance Of communicating in a relationship until I met my wife.

In the past relationships would tell myself that the woman end up with will get me and understand automatically without communication. This type of thinking made e have a lot unsuccessful relationships. I found myself leaving for any tiny reasons. It was not until I met my wife where I had to learn to express what I wanted and felt, rather than assume that she would be able to read my thoughts. She realized that she had to do the same as well, since both of us assumed the other should be able to see what was going on. In conclusion, learning how to be a better communicator can only be beneficial to everyone in everyday life.

The findings showed that the communication skills and interpersonal problem solving skills were found to e significantly correlated to social self-efficacy and communication skills and interpersonal problem solving skills important predictors of social self- efficacy (Erosion, 2013). There is so much to learn in communication that it is almost impossible to master every aspect however, more we understand, the better we can become as an effective communicator. The best way to learn to communicate is to be adaptable, being that we deal with so many people from different cultures and ways of life.