Financial ratio

Our ancestors were pre-occupied with one thought and that is survival. To be able to satisfy this need, they devised plans to carry this out. They had used the bark of trees to protect their bodies from the changing weather, thus evolved the knowledge Of the earliest people about clothing.

Since the manner of living was simple, they had resorted to the system of hunting and gathering. Technology came our way from old practices of taking care of our dies, to maintain its favorable condition. From simple techniques of doing exercise, comes the complex science of gymnastics and the use of high- technology equipment used in body building. Many people believed that having a conditioned body can prolong one’s life. Because of this belief, the need for the gym and bodybuilding centers came about.

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This institution will guide the individuals about having proper diet, and good nutrition intake. It will also enlighten the individuals about their perception and will help lessen the anxieties of the people. Since there is a great need for the proposed institution, with people conscious about their fig rest, they want somebody to supervise their proper diet and nutrition intakes. With these, the proponent desires to establish a gym and body building center named ‘The Fitness haven”.

To know the uses of the service itself, its location, the machineries, the equipment needed and the way it should be rendered to the customers; 1. To determine if there is an existing demand, to know its strengths and weaknesses, ND to improve the quality of service that are already available in the market. 110 3. To know the appropriate form of business organization the business must adopt for its proper management. Adopted to encourage and attract customers. With regards to the firms marketing qualities, the pricing policy can be characterized as a competitive marketing price due to the low monthly cost of tuition fee which is ? 450. 00 and non existence of membership fee. 4. TO identify the amount of initial capitalization, the time period, the owner’s capital should be paid back through financial Asia analysis and; Technical 5. To identify the contribution to the Philippine economy the business may bring.

This aspect deals with the production of service itself. It discusses about the service, its description, the process of incurring it, the location wherein the business should be located, the machinery and equipment to be used, the size and layout of the plan itself and the direct labor requirement.