Fire Prevention

Assess the risk, protect yourself, confine the spill, stop the leak
4 steps to dealing with a leaky drum
placing a shell around/over a leaky drum that will catch spilled liquids
white hydrophobic PIG
used on oil-based spills with water
hydrophilic PIG
absorbs water and all water-based liquids
hydrophobic PIG
absorbs hydrocarbons, but not water
height = 2xwidth = 4x
if a spill is x inches deep, what should the height and width of the dike be?
tactical survey
collect information that will be useful during the control of an emergency and designed to develop an accurate assessment of how things actually are in place
outside agencies (fire depts, police depts, etc)
EAPs should be kept within the facility and given to whom?
command staff
public information officer, safety officer, operations officer
general staff
finance, logistics, operations, planning
warm zone
this is where the in & out from the hot zone takes place and where the extraction zone is located
cold zone
where the command center is
positives of clay absorbents
it is readily available and can pick up liquids quickly
negatives of clay absorbents
it is very heavy which increases removal costs
gray/pink PIGs
universal absorbent and is not selective
30 minutes
minimal service life rating of SCBA for internal structural brigade members
elected officials, police, fire, public health, hospital, transportation
key members of a local emergency planning committee which makes evac.


how many ICs should there be for an incident involving multiple municipalities?
replace roofing with clay, slate and other fire-resistive materials
FEMAs recommendation to protect from fire is to…
call emergency contact only once unless it is life threatening
Regarding phone use, FEMA says to…