Fisher English

Detailed Description English 1 08 examines the many ways that narrative fiction defines and structures our sense of who we are, our interactions with each other, and our perception of the world around us. In this particular section of ENG 108, our approach to narrative will be partially thematic: we will explore connections in our course texts between ideas of exile, home, and belonging. What does it mean to be at home in a city, a nation, even a body? We will pay special attention to works of American literature, and consider the ways in which different narrative forms and genres demand different ways of reading.

At the same time, we will work on crafting our own meaningful and persuasive arguments about these narratives. By comparing literary works across time and place, we’ll explore the forces shaping literary history. We will pay close attention to the following questions: Why do we tell stories? What do stories tell us? What do stories do? How do a or’s form and genre influence or comment upon its content? How does a good writer make a claim that is debatable, important and interesting?

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