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If it is a short scheduled flight within the I-J or Europe they will usually recommend checking only one hour before the plane is due to go. Most airlines allow you to take luggage weighing keg for economy class, keg for business class. If you go overweight you can usually still take the luggage but the flight company will charge you extra and this is often very expensive. If you have bathroom scales use them to judge how much to take. You can take extra weight in ‘hand luggage’ but this should e Just one piece of small luggage which can fit under the seat or in a small overhead compartment.

There is a list of things which you are not permitted to carry because they are dangerous: some are obvious, like guns and fireworks, others like car batteries and weed-killers you probably won’t be planning to take on holiday anyway. It’s useful to know what’s on the list. (For a full list see The Air Travelers’ Code – details below. ) What to do at the airport Your ticket will tell you your flight number and who you are flying with. These details ill help you identify which is your ‘check-in’ desk.

The people at the desk will help you with any questions you have and they will give you a numbered departure gate which is the place in the building you will need to get your plane from. They will tell you what time to go to your gate. If you get confused or lost the people at check-in will help you. After check-in you will go through customs and passport control before entering the departure lounge. On the plane Although flying is one of the safest ways to travel some people find it scary.

If you find ourselves feeling scared or having a difficult time it can be useful to sit with your spine straight (if you can) and breathe deeply and slowly, visualizing yourself as calm with your fears evaporating. Food and drink on the plane Except for the very shortest flights you will be offered food and drink on the plane. If you have a special diet you should notify the airline in advance, otherwise there will be no guarantee you get what you ask for. If you choose to drink alcohol during the flight, the more you drink the more it is likely to increase your Jet lag.

It is against the away to be drunk on an aircraft with penalties up too EH fine or two years in prison, or both. If you are drunk when you check in you may not be allowed on the flight and your ticket will be stamped REFUSED BOARDING. You may find it very difficult to get another flight with another airline and will not be entitled to a refund. Extreme misbehaver by unruly passengers, popularly called air rage, can lead to some tense moments in the air and may even put crew members and passengers at risk. ND during the flight, smoking bans, over-crowding, and long flights. Some people eave also reported a psychological feeling of loss of control causing claustrophobia and panic. If you find you are on board a plan with someone who is out of control, DON’T get involved. Airline staff have procedures and are trained to deal with troublesome passengers and your assistance may not be helpful. For further advice on air travel ask you travel agent or the airline you are traveling with.

Air travel for people with disabilities The main advice to travelers with disabilities is: check whether the airline will allow you to fly unaccompanied or whether you will deed an attendant; give the airline prior notification that you have a disability and explain what facilities you will need at the airport, on the aircraft and on arrival; make sure you have the necessary medical clearance – FARMER card or MEDIA form or other certificate; check with the airport and airline if your travel agent does not provide you with sufficient information about airport facilities; make sure you can manage the toilet facilities in the airport and on the aircraft; check the day before departure that the airline has noted down your requirements and has made any accessory preparations; on the day of departure, arrive in good time. Other notes: people with disabilities who occupy one passenger seat should not need to pay extra. The ATSC suggests you strongly resist any attempts by the airline to charge you for special ground services. ATSC says that if you are charged, keep the receipt and try and claim the money back later.