For and single minded pursuit in a particular

For a bright and knowledgeable future, I put forth my application
to your esteemed university for the

consideration of pursuing Masters Degree. I have been fascinated
by the creative ideas that arise out of

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deep involvement and single minded pursuit in a particular subject
and the consequential discoveries and

applications. For the past few decades, man has been making
quintessential progress into the unknown

realms of science and technology. This advancement is to cut down
the human dependency for perfection

and let the machines take over at home and at work, and hence I
would like to be an integral part of such



I was 13 when I was first introduced to technology with a laptop.

Since then, I have grown to love the

field and feel very passionate about it. Everything, back then,
ran Microsoft Windows. My concern was

how well Windows ran. So began my quest into science and
technology – with computer hardware and

software. My understanding of technology came more from usage and
self-research of consumer

electronics and, to a large extent, the internet. My
inquisitiveness towards the field is undying. So when it

was time for me to choose an area of study, I instinctively chose


An inquisitive mind, a sense of logic, analytical ability,
capacity for diligent work and good academic

credentials secured me a place in the reputed Gitam Institute of
Technology, GITAM University. The four years of a widely accepted and
recognized curriculum exposed me to the entire gamut of computer engineering
courses and in the process laid down a strong practical oriented foundation for
both my software and hardware fundamentals.


After having been introduced to a wide range of topics during my
undergraduate study, I have taken a

keen interest towards pursuing a higher level degree in Data Analytics/CE/CSE . Having gone through the curriculum and areas of research from
the university’s website, I found the whole setup to be interesting and


The following is an outline of the experience I have had during my
undergraduate study in Electronics

and Communications Engineering branch. I wish it to supplement my
application to the MS program in

Data Analytics/Ce/Cse at University NAME .


During my freshman year, I attended several workshops where I was introduced to varying concepts like

security systems based on GSM and Biometrics, application development , business

technologies, etc. Right from the brute force method to modern day
techniques were covered thoroughly.


In my sophomore year, I grabbed was awarded the recognition for helping to organize a workshop named
Gesture Controlled Robotics organized by the IEEE Student chapter of the APS
society at my university. and certificates of appreciation for paper
presentations on the topics of  Wireless
and GSM technologies at other technical events.


In my third year, I did my technical study in  Basic
Telecom at Regional Training Center in Bharath
Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), Hyderabad, India and this was what that has introduced
me to the Database Systems , literally as a hands on approach.



After my third year, I managed to secure a summer internship at
the reputed Electronics Corporation of
India Limited(ECIL) , Hyderabad. I worked in their Instrumentation and  Systems Division for the
study in  Electronic Energy Meter
Design and Development.

First, I did a thorough study on the parameters involved in their operation,
their circuit components and its database.

Then, extensive testing and debugging on the model’s code was performed to
check every

functional aspect. In case a glitch was discovered, the fault was
to be identified and rectified. I enjoyed

the hands-on sessions as I’m good at troubleshooting and risk
management. The mix of hardware, coding

and management that I saw during the project led me to seal my
decision to pursue Master’s in Data



In my final year, I successfully completed and executed a project
report on ” Timing
Optimization of Traffic Lightsmation Algorithm” using arduino Atmega 2560 , this project also

helped me learn Project management and documentation. The
challenging aspect was to learn about the

technologies ourselves as they were not a part of our curriculum.

And I am proud to say that our

application was a success.


After my undergraduate studies, I worked at  Byju’s -Think
and Learn Pvt Ltd as
a Business Development Associate. This
experience opened my mind to the challenges of real time practical
implementation of knowledge such as working constantly on finding new
ideas,Customer accounts,proposals and business opportunities ,analyzing about
the company’s sales data and identify products that need a push
and study competitors and find out which fast moving product of there is
possible to develop and market.


I have complemented my academics well with extracurricular and
co-curricular activities. I was the

Core Member of the
IEEE Student Chapter under APS Society of our University and was also

Vice President of Snighdha Foundation , a group which organizes blood
donation camps and does social welfare activities for helping the poor and the

I’ve been a Member of  IEEE in
college for 2 years and contributed to the department’s activities to the best of
my abilities. I have gained praise as a good badminton player, a good dancer, I
was awarded first prize under film classical singing  and also secured silver medal in singing at
ISKCON during my Intermediate and also praised as person with strong
communicative abilities.


To sum up, having gained relevant knowledge in the field of  Data Analytics/Ce/Cse
during my

undergraduate study and internship, I feel that Graduate study
will provide a proper platform for me to

apply what I have learnt. Moreover, Graduate study in a University
such as yours, which has well defined

curriculum, would give me front-line exposure to the advances made
in my field of interest and allow me

to contribute significantly to its development.


It is with utmost hope and confidence that I seek admission into
your esteemed University and assure that

with your support and encouragement, I will emerge to be a laurel
of the University.