what does “Silvics” mean?
How trees grow, reproduce, and respond to the environment
What is the definition of silviculture?
the art and science of establishing, tending, and harvesting stands to fulfill the objectives of the landowner and society
What is the definition of a stand?
a contiguous group of trees uniform enough in species composition, age, and condition to be a recognizable unit
What controls a sites quality?
Temperature: Growth stops or is limited by extreme temperaturesAmount of rain/snowLength of growing season Amount of sunlight: Day length, angle of light)
What is the difference in degrees of north slopes to south slopes?
If yellow poplar (I don’t care what he says, it’s a freaking tulip tree)is 75 feet tall, and is 50 years old, how to you word its site index?
The site index for yellow poplar at age 50 is 75 feet
What are the three age class in stands?
uneven aged, two aged, and even aged.
What are the four crown classes?
Dominant, codominant,intermediate, and suppressed.
What is a cohort?
a tree/group of trees that becomes established or is released after a disturbance.
What are the 4 cohorts?
Even aged, pureEven aged, stratified mixtureTwo aged, two cohortUneven aged, multiple cohort
What is excurrent?
Christmas tree shaped
What is decurrent?
Normal tree Shape
What is the order of growth in trees?
Maintenance- repairs/respiration New leaves and fine rootsFlower and seed productionPrimary (height) growthSecondary (diameter) growthResistance
What are the stages of stand growth?
Stand initiation: Free to grow, no competition Stem Exclusion: Competition, Crown Classes, density dependent mortality.Understory Reinitiation: 2 cohorts, density independent mortalityOld Growth: Many cohorts, persists until stand initiating disturbance.