Four Top Tips to Help You Improve Your Academic Writing

Whilst studying for an online family nurse practitioner degree or any other type of degree program, academic writing is an essential skill set for all students to develop. In the competitive academic world, you must not only be good at articulating your ideas and using facts, past research and more to support your assignments, you will also need to showcase them in a way that is well-written, cohesive, and easy to understand. We’ve put together some top tips to help you polish your academic writing skills and impress your professors, peers, and even potential employers.

Build on the Past

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In general, academic writing will require a large amount of research of past work and publications before you even get started on the first page. However, the more research and other sources that you use in your paper to support your ideas or hypothesis, the more interesting it will be and the higher your mark is likely to be, as extensive research shows your professor that you’ve really worked hard. In order to produce a good academic paper, it’s essential to build and expand on relevant past research and published reports on your specific topic, as this will enable you to produce a fresh, informative paper that builds on old ideas but doesn’t simply repeat them, instead bringing something new to the table.

Avoid Literary Cliches

The purpose of academic writing is to educate and inform its readers, therefore overusing metaphors or analogues, or filling out your paper with ‘flowery’ language can often prove to be more distracting than beneficial to the reader. When putting together your essay, research report or paper, be sure to use language that is clear, concise, and gets to the point.

Provide Supporting Evidence

It is extremely rare that you would ever find a well-written academic paper which does not provide the reader with supporting evidence. Since you must conduct research in order to put together a well-written academic paper, it’s also important to understand how to effectively reference and cite your sources in the paper so that your readers will know where to find the original ideas, findings, books, articles or studies that you have used to come to your conclusion. Most programs, such as this online FNP degree, will use Harvard Referencing, however, there are many other referencing styles that can be used to be sure to know which one your college expects.

Forget Your Opinion

When it comes to writing an academic paper, your opinion on the subject should be the last thing that matters. Avoid writing ‘I’ or ‘we’ in any papers that are non-reflective, instead looking objectively at your topic or research and writing informatively about it in a non-biased manner. For those writing academic research reports, the only time where you will need to give any type of opinion is during the discussion section, where you will talk about what you could have done better.

Academic writing is a hugely important skill to master at college. These tips will help you on the right track to academic success.