Franklin s Virtues Attaining Moral Perfection

Today’s youth doesn’t even know what Temperance means, truly. It’s almost frowned upon to be sober. Today’s alcohol consumption is at an all-time high. And not being sober leads to the failure of other virtues like Moderation, Humility, and even Chastity. But being sober isn’t the only part of what being a model U. S. Citizen is all about, it’s also about being in Order, having Justice and Resolution in your character, I believe neither of these are what influence our youth’s behavior today, at least I do not see them in the way of what Benjamin Franklin had in mind.

Maybe it’s our human nature, or the first amendment, the reason why we do not feel the need to stay Silence. When Dry. Franklin wrote this virtue believe he truly meant the wisest of men know when to speak and when not to speak, this will lead to no irrational arguments, that can lead to something more. But in order to stay quiet and suck in your pride, you must attain Tranquility. I must say I do not even possess this virtue all the time, for my audience and my ability to stay calm isn’t up to par.

Being Frugal is a must in our society’s behavior, for our economic drought made us this way. This leads to Industry because making your time useful is another must in this economy. While in the south for my U. S. Army training to become a Bradley Fighting Vehicle System maintainer, the people of Columbus, Georgia behaved in an odd fashion to this Californian. They had Sincerity, or southern hospitality. I believe that this virtue is very important for the “Furtherance of human happiness.

Another important virtue that is encrypted in our behavior is Cleanliness. They say cleanliness is godliness, and I really couldn’t agree more. I believe that being organize, fitted, and clean truly leads to moral purity. In conclusion even though American morals are probably at an all-time low, the wisest Of man see this, they overcome and adapt to the environment around them, making them the strongest and the fittest of a culture in need of true greatness.