From the outset, I would like to salute


From the outset, I would like to salute fallen
innocent lives who have been struggling to bring real democracy, rule of law,
freedom of speech….


Though many of them are not privileged today to
hear or see what is going on in this country as they have paid their precious
lives; their sacrifice is going to and will be among great men’s triumphs to be
cited, praised and referred by the generation to come and today.


Leaving all the inconvenient situations behind, I
would like to take it as a signal of civilization.

In a civilized society, what matters most is the
logic, the rationality, the reasoning, justice, fairness, listening each other,
integrity… any of the points we have listed is believed to bring people to the
common ground where there will be a win-win game.  In its absence,
especially, in the Ethiopian context it is very difficult to bring
transformation. In the absence of democracy, fairness and supremacy of law,
transformation is incongruous. This is because the society whom you are trying
to serve feels that they are dejected and rejected. There will not feel that
they are part of the game. They don’t have feeling of belongingness. They do
not feel that the development agendas are their business. It is like feeling
thirsty while you are in a sea.



Who will benefit out of the chaotic situations that
come in the absence of democracy and unfairness in this country and the whole
world? I do not think it helps anyone than the selfish ones who thinks that
they are going to live forever, the reality is, life is too short, too brief.
It is better to handover blessing to the next generation than curse within the
time frame we are allowed in this earthly life. It is good to be genuine and
rational in life. 


Why don’t we say a ‘spade – a spade’. There were
problems in terms of absence of democracy to the expected level and absence of
freedom of speech to a required level, … it is better to admit the problems and
work hard to solve them.


 Our frame of
reference is usually important to judge what we are performing. In this sense,
our constitution is relatively good. But, the implementation is full of


My argument is if we are transparent enough, if we
are committed, if we are really serious to bring transformation, if we are
really committed to bring fairness, if we are committed to bring peace ..and
real democracy in this country, it will not take us more years to achieve these
goals than the previously planned goals. There is an active work force, the
youth, ..who can bring miracle if properly led. The question is, are we leading
with the expected pace or we are dragging back the vibrant workforce????


So,let us push hard and forward to bring miracles
in this country. Let us compensate this innocent society by working hard and by
giving right leadership that takes all to success. That time poverty will be a
damn history in this country. Most importantly, poverty in terms of winning
ideas, poverty of fairness, it is good to entertain and welcome the mass in the
transformation agendas of the country.


If the government is committed and if the decisions
and discussion that is under way is going to be implanted as told, the brain
drain will be highly mitigated. Those citizens who left their country due to
their political attitude but who are highly skilled and who are outstanding
professions can come and serve their country.


From now onwards, the idea of welcoming those
individuals who left their country due to their political affiliation should be
invited to support the transformation process of the country. 

It is very important to be genuine in every aspect.
‘ Let dogs do dogs work and donkeys do donkeys work’. If they exchange their
role, you can imagine what will happen. During assigning individuals on certain
posts, it is good to consider whether that individual is capable enough. Merit
should be given priority and value to bring real change. Nepotism cannot bring
transformation. Instead it puts the country into a terrible situation. 


In a suitable atmosphere which is inviting all to
be development partners, we have to change our working culture. We have to work
as if we don’t have time afterwards. We have to value time. In that case
transformation is meaningful.  Let us swim together not sink together. We
can make our county either heaven or hell. The later doesn’t help. 


I salute those fallen lives who paved the way
towards democracy and freedom of speech….

To be continued……..