It was the most advanced civilization Of it’s time. The Romans were responsible for a great many advancements. They were responsible for building aqueducts, roads, bath houses, walls, theaters, monasteries, arches and palaces. Many of these resources have lasted until this very day. The great light of the Roman Empire was said to have gone out in 476 AD, and thus the age of darkness is said to have begun at that point. Romeos rule had lasted eight hundred years. In the place of Rome the barbarian kingdoms arose and ruled the west. The Dark Ages were to rule over Europe until about 000 AD (Gleanings, 2004).

The Dark Ages are a term where society was thought to be in great decline. What was a great and powerful Empire was broke into smaller nation states, and many pockets of influences. It is assumed that there was a general lack of learning and culture and that overall, man descended to a less advanced way of living. However, I would question “In what way were the dark ages dark? ” may not be the correct question to ask. Instead, would be asking “Did life of most people actually decline during the Dark Ages? ” My assertion is that the life of most people did not decline much.

The Dark Ages may not have actually been that dark. On the contrary the Dark Ages saw many great things like Universities being born. The first of its kind that taught medicine, arts, law and theology. The Caroling Renaissance era was thought to have brought back the culture of the Roman Empire. The Byzantine Golden Age which brought us Corpus Jurist Civil ( Body of Civil Law) and many different levels of education. Algebra arrived , art 7 architecture , fantastic weather, laws became fair and vast agriculture. (Fretter,2008). That is just to name a few.

It should also be noted that Ireland had a huge role in maintaining the light of learning and artistic pursuits during the Dark ages. This was largely in part to the strange foothold of Christianity in Ireland, centered around the Acclamations Monastery. The Monastery was the core center of learning for more than 1,000 years. Although not the only source of higher learning, The Cloisonné and Ireland in general, has a higher place in the preservation, and development of civilization thought he Dark Ages and into modern times. There were many legends and stories to the Dark Ages .

One in particular are the legends of King Authors and the Knights of the Round Table. Although written purely in fictional form after the Dark Ages ended. The knights of the round table were upheld as role models and were some of the highest order of Chivalry at the Court of King Arthur. Chivalry is basically the fair, just and courteous treatment of others that a polite society follows to this day. As we sometimes hear the Dark Ages called “The middle ages” in modern times. We can look back at the Dark Ages even if there is truth or fiction to the writings, and say that it did not seem so dark after all.