Gay Rights Essay

Homosexuals should have the same human rights hat the Founding fathers of our country promised us in The Declaration of Independence. “All men are created equal. ” Same sex couples should be given the same rights as every citizen in America. Same sex marriage has been legalized in 38 states. However why have the other 12 states confiscated simple things from homosexuals such as happiness? Raising children is one major concern that has alarmed many people. Mark Regress, a PhD scholar from Texas university stated “Children raised by same sex parents suffer more difficulty, such as abuse and unemployment in later life” Regress, Para 3).

However, University of Melbourne study shows that “couples score six percent higher than the general population on measures of health, and family cohesion” (2014, Para 9). Also having same sex parents causes psychological benefits and it offers kids to have a deeper understanding of diverse people. Children raised by couples of the same sex learn that being different is okay. Many homosexuals face many problems with having child custody in a divorce or separation. Another unjust problem for gays are taxes. Gay couples pay higher taxes than straight couples and hey are also not allowed to have any joint tax return.

This inequality towards gays must stop now. The law isn’t the only thing blocking the equivalence for gays, but it’s also prejudice and abhorrence. Anti-gay and lesbian violence is way too common. People are constantly bullied, harassed and threatened for being who they are. Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover was an adolescent 11 year old who took his own life for being “queer” or a “fagged” as his classmates would refer to him. Carl was a constantly harassed by and even though his mother addressed the school board about the unfair treatment of ere child the board blew it off with no stress.

However it wasn’t long before the school shared a day of silence to bring attention to anti-gay harassment in schools. Same sex equality has an extremely high price. It should never cost someone’s life in order to get people to understand that name calling and bullying to different people is wrong. Homosexual suicides are increasing every year. 26 percent of kids that come out to their parents are kicked out of their home or abused. These are things that must stop. The government’s job is to protect their citizens whether they are white, black, gay, or straight so hey need to Start protecting them today!

Home life and suicides are just a small wave of the vast ocean of same sex inequality. The workforce offers many other opportunities for discrimination. The William Institute on Sexual Orientation law and Public Policy created many surveys “15-43 percent of gays are showed discrimination in the workplace. 18% were fired for their gender identity and sexual orientation. 28% of people receive a negative performance evaluation for being gay or transgender. 41% of people are abused verbally and physically at work” (Para 3). Homosexuals also had social security problems. On June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court ruled Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOOM) unconstitutional. Therefore, Social Security no longer is prevented from recognizing same-sex marriages to determine entitlement or payment amount” (2014, Para 1). This means that same sex couples will have the same rights as every traditional couple in America! Hopefully the New Year’s will create changes and movements creating all people to be equal. Gay rights is a movement that must happen today! Racism and judgment is not something that can be tolerated in the 21 SST century.