Geology Test

P waves
Which seismic waves compress and expand rocks in the direction the waves travel?
transform fault boundary
What kind of plate boundary occurs where two plates grind past each other without destroying or producing lithosphere?
Earthquake vibrations can break gas lines, water lines, and electrical lines.
Why do earthquakes often cause damaging fires?
Normal faults
Tensional stresses commonly cause which of the following?
Continental Volcanic Arc
What volcanic feature is illustrated at A in Figure 10-2?
Oceanic-continental convergent plate boundary
What type of plate boundary resulted in the volcanic activity illustrated in Figure 10-2?
Normal Fault
A fault in which the hanging wall moves down relative to the footwall is a
Cinder Cone
What type of volcano is built almost entirely from ejected lava fragments?
Pyroclastic Material
The particles produced in volcanic eruptions are called
What feature is labeled A in Figure 10-1?
Composite Cone
What type of volcano is illustrated in Figure 10-1?
The crust and the uppermost mantle
A tectonic plate consists of?
Continental Volcanic Arc
Which of the following can be produced at an ocean-continental convergent boundary?
Earthquakes are usually associated with volcanic activity with?
Water vapor
What is the most abundant gas associated with volcanic activity?
The place on the surface directly above the focus
An Earthquake’s epicenter is
Measurement of the amplitude of the largest seismic waves
The Richter magnitude of an earthquake is determind from the?
All of the above
Which of the following factors helps determine wheather a volcanic eruption will be violent or relatively quiet?
AA flow
A lava with a surface of rough, jagged blocks and sharp, angular projections is called
Shield Volcanoes
The broad, slightly dome-shaped volcanoes of Hawaii are
Strike-slip faults
Faults in which is mainly horizontal and parallel to the tend of the fault surface are called