German aggression was responsible for the outbreak

In contrast Source 2 primarily suggests the weaker argument the t it was not German aggression but the growing tensions in Europe, due to the Balkan crisis pre 1914 which led to war later that same year. Finally Source 3 puts forward the idea t hat it was infant the European arms race which was the primary reason responsible for the oh outbreak of a general European war in August 1914. However this View is limited by the nee idles aggressive actions of Germany which caused the Navy expansion, coming fro m the Branch of Woolliest, poliomyelitis.

The reason most responsible for the the outbreak of a general European war I n august 1914, as in fact German aggression, this being primarily seen in in Source 1 which argues Fisher’s view that it was German Planned Aggression which was responsible for war in 1914, a thought Fishers offers a premeditated aggression in Germany it can still be us De to support the idea that German aggression not planned aggression was responsible for the outbreak Of a European war in august 1914.

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Source 1 suggests that German foreign policy was aggressive in the lead up to war, “focusing on annexation” this is in reference to the well constructed, complex September program which outlined the aims of what G Raman would do once the Schlemiels plan had been success including the annexation of Belgium m.

This can be credited as aggression which was responsible for war as the aims were so co ample Fischer argues that it could not have been planned within 3 month and that therefore it was constructed before the war, this suggests that Germany were responsible for a war as they already were planning on what they were going to do when they had won it.

T his can be further supported by “Germany had in place a plan for an aggressive war” as s en in source 1 which is in reference to the Schlemiels plan Of 1 905 which was created and to be put in place if a war on two fronts were to come in to play, which it did suggesting that germ any was planning in an aggressive manner for war This can be further supported by so urge 2 which also considers the schlemiels plan”German war plan devised by count von Schlitz fen” and also the idea that due to the aggressive Schlemiels plan, Germany was responsible for war, which suggests that the reason for the July crisis in 1914 and the manipulation of trot ops was in part a espouse to the Schlemiels plan which violated Belgian neutrality in the War, vi elating the Treaty of London also. This suggests that the aggressive plan by Germany was the most responsible reason for the outbreak of European war.

However it is often rag dude that the schlemiels plan was a necessary precaution which a developed power who WA s facing encirclement should have and therefore to a minor extent the schlemiels plan can be said to be defensive rather than aggressive. Another way in which German aggression c an be attributed to the outbreak of war in Europe in 1914 is by looking at the unconditional us port given to Germany as seen in source 1 . This is in reference to the blank cheese which w as a telegram from Abatement Hollowed the German chancellor to the Vienna ambassador on 6 July 1914 pledging Germany’s unconditional support in the actions they took in solving t he problem they had with the Serbians.

This is said to be German aggression as it points toward ads the unconditional support of Germany led to war and also it is often argued that a more diplomatic solution could have been achieved which did not lead to war and it was the GE Raman support which led to the Austrian ultimatum to Serbia, as seen in Source 2 little hope of averting catastrophe after the Austrian ultimatum” and therefore proving the German aggression responsible for war, however this view is limited as it does not take into cocoa NT the need for Germany to keep hold of their strongest ally and therefore they did what was necessary in order to keep himself protected as the Alliance system led to the encirclement t of Germany, finalized by the triple entente.