This love for the stranger come from or is rooted in my love for myself and my parents. -?”Filial piety and brotherly respect are the root of humanity’; “to establish the character of oneself and that of others. ” – I love my parents-?I agree to the fact that everybody should love their parents. Respect everybody loving their parents. -?l love everybody loving their parents. -?l love their parents. -?l love their parents to the extent that I love them as my parents. – Meniscus talks about “one foundation”; this foundation is love for our parents.

When he criticizes I Chi as having “two foundations” (parents and other people), he means that I Chi has cut off from the foundation (origin or root) of love (which is one’s love for one’s parents). (Meniscus AAA:5) – Being cut off from one’s foundation of love, what we call “universal love” becomes a kind of abstract love. This is just an abstract idea of love which is not true love. Without love, one becomes an animal. (Meniscus B:9) Conclusion of the topic of love ; Two conceptions of love are introduced: humanity (by the Confucian) and universal love by the Monists). While they have similarities, there are two important differences between them: 1. Canaveral love is pragmatic love whereas humanity is non-pragmatic love. 2. Canaveral love is love without distinction whereas humanity is love with distinction. Death ; Introduction – My question: Is there life after death? Shall we continue to exist after we die? If so, in what form or way do we continue to exist after we die? – To introduce different views of life after death in my lectures. – My opinion: we cannot justify if there is life after death or not.

But I personally tend to believe in life after death. (You can disagree with me. ) Wang Chunk’s “A Treatise on Death” ; The theme of this essay is to prove that there is no ghost. ; To prove the dead do not become spiritual beings (ghosts), do not possess consciousness, and cannot hurt people. 1st paragraph: “Man and other… [in sumacs as other creatures do not]? ” ;Why is it that human beings become spiritual beings and other creatures not? ; My opinion: there is a possibility that human beings become spiritual beings and other creatures not.

There is also a possibility that there creatures become spiritual beings as human beings do; but since they are different form human beings, it is hard for human beings to see them. Wang Chunk’s “A Treatise On Death” 2nd paragraph: “Man can live… To become a spiritual being? ;Blood makes vital forces possible, and vital forces make man lives. If a man dies, his blood is exhausted, his vital forces are extinct, and his body decays. -?there is no spiritual being (ghost). My opinion: even though blood (which is physical) may help to activate vital forces and make is possible, there is a possibility that vital ores (which is spiritual) may continue to exist when blood is exhausted and body decays. 3rd paragraph: “If a man… Called juke-sheen. ” ;This paragraph can be understood clearly if we interpret the terms “spiritual beings”, “earthly spirits” and “heavenly spirits” as life energy instead of individual spiritual beings, ghosts and gods. ; According to Wang Chunk, a human being is composed of body, earthly spirit and heavenly spirit. When a man dies, his body decays.

His earthly spirit will follow and stick to the body and disperse into the earth. His heavenly spirit ill ascend to heaven and disperse away into the universe-?therefore, a man will not become spiritual being (ghost). This view of death is shared by later Confucian. ; My opinion: this is only the basic idea of presupposition of Wang Chunk. If we have a different presupposition, the whole picture of life after death can be different. 4th paragraph: “The vital forces… For saying so. ” ;Man becoming vital forces that disperses away is compared with ice melting into water that flows away. My opinion: this is only an analogy, not a proof that there is no spiritual being or ghost. The paragraph: “People see ghosts… Become extinct? ;That the body decays and the vital forces disperse away is compared with the bag have a hole and the rice inside runs away. ;My opinion: this is an analogy, not a proof. 6th paragraph: “Since the beginning… Only one or two. ” ;Since there are millions of people throughout human history, if men become ghosts after they die, there will be millions of ghosts crowding every. Rehire. ; My opinion: there is a possibility that the “ghosts” will go to some other places in the universe.

They may reincarnate. Even if we see hem, they may live in a space different from ours. 7th paragraph: “Now, people say… Worn by a spirit? ” ;We usually claim we see a ghost with garment on. Does garment become ghost? ; My opinion: There is a possibility that the ghosts garment comes from the creation or imagination of the spirit or ghost. For example, if a person can see my mind or spirit, he should be able to see the mental or spiritual object that I create in my mind. In the same way, when I see a ghost or spirit wearing his garment, I am also seeing the spiritual object that it creates for itself.