Give Goa Report

With the way the things panned out for us, and knowing that another group was irking with the children at First Point, we chose to collect donations for the children there. With the credibility Of the organization in place, there was no doubt that the help would reach the needy. Hence, we began or efforts in that direction. Alongside, through the help of one of our group member’s father, we got introduced to Spanned. This organization was dedicated to the case of helping mentally challenged students, who primarily were slow learners.

These students cannot match the pace of things done in their respective schools and thus needed hand holding to be able to be completely independent. On interacting with the founder at Capstan, Ms. Marital Adams, we realized the kind of efforts and dedication that she has put in the organization. She highlighted two of her major concerns for Spanned and we offered to help her, to the best extent possible. Those concerns include: Designing a curriculum for Math for these students since the dropout rate for this subject was increasing.

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Arranging funding for the organization since it would get difficult for her to sustain the initiative in a matter of a year. Background Spanned is a registered charitable trust MONGO based in Ago. It was founded in 2007 by Dry. Marital Adams. The MONGO aims to spread the message of “Learning for All”. It promotes the education for vulnerable section of the society especially the children with learning disabilities. It works closely with other government bodies, organizations and community to achieve its goal.

Dry. Adams had been pioneering the inclusion of children with LEARNING DISABILITIES (L Ads) into the mainstream educational system which doesn’t recognize their needs and potential. This takes away the fair share of opportunity away from them. A medical doctor by profession Dry. Adams have successfully set up the resource centers in mainstream schools of Ago for OLD wrought special needs scheme by Directorate Of education , Ago government , came into force because of her recommendations.

Some of the key activities undertaken by Spanned are:- Setting up of Remedial Centre for children with OLD Conducting Training workshops for Teachers, Parents and Professionals Participation as Resource personnel for Sara Sheikhs Banyan (ASS) and Normal Institute of Education for OLD Undertaken English Language Development Programmer for children of SST and SST VI at a school in Chime, Ago- Working on development of a curriculum with children of special needs at SC level Advocating the cause in community and to policy Akers.

Extending working for the cause further certain publications had been issued by Spanned and Dry. Adams. These publications help train other teachers and professionals in imbibing the needful facts about OLD and how to tackle with it. Some of them are: “Ensuring Children learn” Article in Teacher Plus (Magazine by Orient Longhand’s Publishing Group, Hydrated). Swept – Cot 04, Volvo II No. 5 “Helping the Child with Learning Difficulties” Manual Training Material for teachers and other professionals Phonics Based Reading, Spelling and Language Development Workbooks (for children with OLD) purpose of Project

Give ago project aimed to inculcate the sense of giving back to the society in management students. This encouraged them to use their managerial and other skills put to accomplish the useful needs of the society by working closely with Non-profit organizations and other community members of Ago. Objectives Our group initiated the idea of collecting useful goods (books, clothes, stationery, and monetary donations) and pass it to the society members who need them.

However, we realized in the process that the best way of giving someone is the utility of our skills by providing service. Hence, following objectives were targeted for this project (to give back through Spanned). Developing the Math course curriculum for eighth and ninth grade students with OLD already taking support of Spanned. Raising funds for Spanned Methodology We followed a three step method for creating study material for especially fabled children.

For this purpose, we interacted with XIX standard students (As suggested by MS Marital) in order to prepare course material for Sixth standard students. Work done We completed the first step by visiting Spanned on 5-6 Thursday’s We developed the course outline and submitted the same to Ms Marital Adams, which was duly approved by her We started work on developing the material and developed two modules out of which the first one we had started applying on the students unfortunately, due to the paucity of time and the effort involved in secondary research, this is all we could do.

Activities The various activities that we performed during our Give Ago project includes: Conducting a fund a raising campaign in 3 major churches which include the Panic church and old ago church. Designing course curriculum for class 9 students in Mathematics. Taking tutorial classes for class 8 and 9 for math. Learning Since we all worked with Spanned and taught students of differently able category. We came across several things that we cannot able learn in classrooms.