Global Warming Affects the American Economy

The Greenhouse Effect is alarmingly worsening today at an uncontrollable rate. People may not know that this occurrence in our atmosphere is continuously causing negative results not only to our environment and health but to our economy as well. Therefore, it is important that we identify how global warming is affecting the American Economy. Among the negative consequences of global warming that obviously affects the U. S. economy are the increasing frequency and severity of droughts, heat waves, wildfires, crop failures and floods (Geller, 2004).

Following to these effects are the succeeding consequences of increasing energy costs and surging prices of prime commodities. Additionally, another effect of global warming is the rising sea level that can result to floods. When floods occur, such as in Florida and Atlantic Coast, some economic activities can be hampered including housing developments, farming, and agricultural production. Also, flooding can cause migration of people as well as the useful insects and animals that are helpful to farming. According to Wisconsin Natural Resources Online,

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Anything that affects farming affects the state economy. Some researchers predict that under the influences of climate change, southern Wisconsin farms might begin to resemble those in present-day Kansas. The people’s health, being affected by global warming has similar succeeding bad consequences on the economy of the U. S. , in the sense that an unhealthy population can make an unproductive nation. According to Professor McCarthy (2004), as indicated by Arar Han, suggests the health and economic effects of global warming writing that,

He started by outlining the systemic shifts in climate that have altered weather patterns and intensified disease spread. Climate change, human contributions, biosystemic effects, and extreme weather, he said, are contributing to worrisome findings… It is important to note that it is not only in the U. S. that such global warming consequences have become a problem to the condition of economy. The losses that the U. S. get from these are mainly found to have derived from peoples’ unproductivity due to health and environment problems caused by global warming.

Such affects the continuous movement of business and industries that are the major sources of one nation’s economy. Taxes in the U. S states are also affected by global warming. When prices of gasoline and energy resources surges, the same goes for other commodities from which the U. S. nation derives its supplies to serve its people. Thus, to be able to do its services, the U. S. government would need enough monetary resources that in the last end are taken from its peoples’ taxes. And, when the taxes increase, another domino effect occurs such as another increase in the prices of consumer goods.

This continuous increase of prices in the different activities that are essential to living causes the U. S. economy to become vulnerable and uncompetitive, particularly the value of the U. S. dollar in the international market. In conclusion, the U. S. economy is affected by global warming in many ways. The different negative effects of such occurrence in our atmosphere similarly cause a continuous negative effect in the economic activities of people. The thing to remember is that we must take good care of our environment.

This is a message not only to the people of U. S. but to everyone all over the world. Bibliography : Geller, H. 2004. A Solution to Global Warming. Retrieved from The Denver Post, on April 17, 2005. Web site: http://www. truthout. org/docs_04/printer_082404G. shtml Warming Trends. Wisconsin Natural Resources. http://www. wnrmag. com/supps/2000/apr00/global. htm Whipple, D. 2004. Global Warming’s Dollar Effects. Retrieved from Boulder (UPI), on April 17, 2005. Web site: http://www. spacedaily. com/news/climate-04x. html