Global Women’s Literature Midterm Abunasser

And They Didn’t Die
Author: Ngcobo
Main characters: jezile, zenzile, ziyalo, mabayela, s’naye, nosizwe, lungu, Ndondo

The Dew Breaker
Author: Danticat
Main characters: Ka, Anne, The Dew Breaker

Our Lady of the Nile
Author: Mukasonga
Main characters: Veronica, Virginia, Glorieta, Modesta, Immacule, Father Hermangilde

Places that were colonized and now are not

Literary Theory
underlying principles, one might say the tools, by which we attempt to understand literature.

Literary Canon
refers to a classification of literature. It is a term used widely to refer to a group of literary works that are considered the most important of a particular time period or place

study of meaning-making, the study of sign processes and meaningful communication

Influence of western cultures

the assumption that those who are different from oneself are inferior

Demonic other
view that those who are different from oneself are not only backward but also savage, even evil

Exotic other
view that those who are different from oneself possess an inherent dignity and beauty, perhaps because of their more undeveloped, natural state of being

Its purpose is to produce a positive national self-definition for Western nations by contrast with Eastern nations

Colonial subjects
colonized persons who did not resist colonial subjugation because they were taught to believe in Western superiority and, therefore, in their own inferiority.

view that European (including American) ideals and experiences are the standard

belief that a great work of literature deals with certain themes and characters that are common in European literature–Eurocentric in nature.

imitation of the dress, manners, and language of the dominant culture by the oppressed

Double consciousness/ double vision
sense of being part of both colonized and colonizing cultures.

separated from their original homeland

quality of cultures that have characteristics of both the colonizers and the colonized

the attempt to eliminate Western influences

Practice of separating groups

Hamitic myth
Caucasians thought these people to be of Egyptian or European descent; sets them apart from others in community