Globalization domestic and international terrorist activities. Crenshaw (2001)

Globalization is the disputable vast is
amply clear that there are no any signal causes which explained terrorism. In
many studies has been suggested that the sudden occurrence of terrorism has
been contributed by the level of increase globalization that causes the
situation of war Modern terrorism is a reaction of globalization (Paul
Wilkinson 2003). Globalization is a difficult process. It has advantages as
well as disadvantages. Countries that are closer in their internal activities
are more stable and protected but those countries that go through the process
of integration or facing shock that occur due to globalization might be suffer
great disruption (Margit 2007). It has been strongly indication that political
violence in different period has been commanded by globalization. Even past
period, increasing globalization was linked with violent outburst.

Globalization is having the effect on human rights
violations in general and Pakistan in specific. In Pakistan that clearly
demonstrate that all the socio-economic fields in certain patterns is effected
by globalization. Globalization also affects the cost, benefits and resources
available for terrorist activities. Initially, if terrorism occurs from a sense
of taking away then it will encourage economic growth and may be moderate
terrorist’s inclination. Supposed globalization relates to increased
discrimination among countries and groups, that might possible globalization
lead to more violence. Some study indicated that trade, freedom, and economic
growth are perceived as a benefit of globalization but on the other hand most
of the believers said that it has negative effects on local social values and
economics stables (see Fischer 2003).

Terrorism spread in most parts of the world in the
past periods and most of the countries have been effected from terrorism from
both domestic and international terrorist activities. Crenshaw (2001) argued
that globalization has been encouraging international terrorism. So that
terrorism and globalization might be ostensibly impacting each other. The recent
occurrence of terrorism is not necessarily obsessed by globalization. Terrorism
is most complex and complicated global challenge after 9/11 as many countries
have developed rigorous dead of violence and conflict. In most of the cases
terrorism root develop in developing countries. Economic consequences through
Terrorist incidents have distracted foreign direct investment, infrastructure
redirecting public investment funds, so a developing country must have enough
FDI to overcome its hazards and also can reduced economic growth and capital
flight from a country plagued by civil war (Collier et al., 2003).  It may cause extent costs among neighboring
countries capital inflows or a multiplier causes like lost economic activity in
the terrorism ridden country (Drakos, 2004; Ito and lee, 2004).

Krug and Rein Moeller (2004) said that globalization
is a main element of terrorism. In their paper, figure out that
internationalization of terrorism is a natural response to a globalizing
economy. Countries have more terrorism problems when they developed more
economically integrated. Evaluating consequences of globalization may be
response to tenacity argumentative policy matter of that kind. Even a number of
literature have exposed economic consequences of globalization. The economic
and political roots of terrorism are intricate, gradually bothersome, and
demanding of as much extent and delicacy in response as they display in their
genesis. That’s why research is limited that how globalization stimuluses
cultural arrogances and terrorism. Terrorism is an appearance of political
conflict. Some people found a relation between poverty and terrorism attacks
but Laiti and Krueger (2003), and piazza (2204) found didn’t find any evident.
There is an evidence of politics in the cause of terrorism because countries
are integrated politically. Abadie (2004) concluded that there was a negative
relationship among the risk of terrorism and level of development.

Amazingly They have paid some attention to exterior
political roots of terrorism. In current eras, states are getting gradually
politically integrated and combining together to get benefit and collect effort
to fight against terrorism in term of international treaties and world
organization. However, international political integration causes unfavorable
effects on domestic and national supreme power and stability. According to
Rodrick (2002) the national public system democratic politics and full economic
integration are mutually incompatible. The global political integration fulfills
the surrounding of domestic politics that will become disappointed to control
violent organization. Terrorism might be matter by foreign policy in term of
political urgency to the west and alliance structure (i.e., Western supremacy)
and global modernization. (see for details, Bergesen and Lizardo and, 2004).

In the world of globalization, the powerful states
are ensuring their state security survival with Anti-Ballistic Missile
technologies, WMD’s in the field of nuclearization. consequently, the challenges
for global security are becoming more complex, incorporated and erudite
altogether. Some studies like Blomberg and Hess (2008) showed that
international collaboration in a sense of involvement in international
association to lesser transnational terrorism but on the other hand further
studies like Lai (2007) and piazza (2008) argued that international political
involves positively in production of terrorism. Lia (2007) and piazza (2008)
found that association of regional attacks enhance terrorism. Plumper and
Neumayer (2010) argued that membership of international coalition boost
terrorist activities among state, even when there is main difference among
state. These investigations figure out that global political element make
contributions assuredly between the production concerning transnational
terrorism and also figure out of current incidents of terrorism that
international political efforts also could not combat the terrorism. The
terrorist activities not only affect the thriving states but also over throwing
within pacific states (for example, recent attacks in Turkey, Germany and
France). Those current states elevation a policy query: Does political
integration throughout international location boost their power to converse
terrorism? Surprisingly as an important query is almost unnoticed between
scientific research over terrorism. In this study, contributed in accordance
with prevailing literature concerning terrorism by means of answering this
query in the context of Pakistan.

Now a days Pakistan is a highly economically
integrated country in the world. Intra-regional and also inter-regional
connectivity of the region will be enhanced by the recent ongoing project like
china Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC) and India Iran’s chabahar port projects.
A better law and order condition in the country can be taken out from there
projects but Pakistan capable then possesses a fabric for combating durability.
Terrorism has always been convicted in Pakistan in all its form and
manifestations. After 9/11 Pakistan itself connected in general with
international community and in particular with United State to combat against
terrorism with its neighborhood. Pakistan committed and contributed to
eradicate terrorism.  There is national
consensus in Pakistan to control terrorist activity and not to allow any
individual to spread any terrorism attack. according to severe condition in
Pakistan, Pakistan itself want to solution to control the terrorism activities.
Pakistan has always inclusive regional and international access to identify the
cause of terrorism in and around Pakistan, and entire world. Politics and
religious miss-affiliations are large effecting elements of terrorism in
Pakistan. Malik et al., (2015) found risk factors creating terrorism in Pakistan.
According their study, terrorism eradicated could not be done completely, the
main causes of terrorism solution is jointly social, economic, and political
acts. After Bin Laden’s death Pakistan has been facing more problems related to
terrorism. The emerging scenario in the Year 2011 has raised many queries
related to the countries survival and security al global level and specially in

Terrorist organization should be eliminated it is
the main concern of Pakistan for Obama administration. Obama administration
approach must be based at the grounds which should be beneficial to Pakistan.
The existing situation of terrorism inside and outside Pakistani state has been
led the vulnerable situation, geo-strategic scenario and spillover effect in
Pakistan. Therefore, survival and security of modern world and the society must
be the major aims of the world leaderships. Exertions should be made to remove
terrorism along with the declaration of human security of the society along
with countries security. The domestic terrorist groups and international
organizations may use forthcoming opportunities of the CPEC to performed
activities not only to impairment the country’s economy but also to exaggerate
their outbreaks on Chinese development projects, companies, and workers on
Pakistan’s soil.

Inside the scope of our examine, this is vital
to reply the important query up to expectation whether economics globalization
supports the state to getaway terrorism or regional collaboration can
established the situation. This study is important in the context of Pakistan
either Pakistan should seek support from international organization by
political integration or country should strengthen domestically to removed that
hazard and to accomplish a statistical analysis of data on the total number of
terrorist attacks and their results