Globalizing Health Promotion

Health promotions have gathered the global attention as it grows expectations for new public health movements. As defined by the World Health Organization, health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. Health is viewed as an important human resource nowadays. With good health, people can be able to fulfill their social roles and live a considerable lifestyle.

The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, promulgated on the First International Health Conference In 1986, views health promotion to be doing three major tasks: (1) advocate, which means making all factors work towards promoting good health; (2) enable opportunities to work so people can achieve their full health potentials and; (3) mediate, that means all sectors should be mobilized for the cause of health.

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Health has been rooted even on earliest civilizations. Even before, there was a strong advocacy to protect the personal well-being as well as of other people (Arnold and Sheinfeld-Gorin, 2006). Health education has been instrumental to all health aspects, so we can say that health promotion has actually evolved into a profession and with much more competence.

The Health Promotion 2010(HP 2010) gives a more materialized perspective in terms of health promotion. It has already incorporated leading health indicators to monitor the progress of the public on health issues. According to its publication, HP 2010 offers a simple but powerful idea: to have health objectives in a way that allows diverse groups to combine their efforts and work together as a team.

HP 2010 had also been a basis for coordinated public health action on the national, state, and local levels and has been used as a teaching tool for the next generation of public health leaders. Aligned to the global health promotion, it gives a strong commitment to health on all sectors and to promote health as a social investment for the population. Overall, it aims to be instrumental to provide a better way of life for all.


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