Good and Bad in Everything

For example, “I remember having certain detached and disbelieving concern in the actions of “Cynthia”, but retainer no responsibility” (Aura 114). Aura had no interest on being Cynthia, as she said she felt detached and disbelieving from that “Cynthia”. Aura had high virtue and values for her culture and didn’t think she should participate in the British culture, but she really didn’t have choice. But she just thought that “Cynthia” was a nobody that she had to be a part of it.

In addition, Indian culture is still proven to be worse than British culture, but Indian’s have some great values, “I suppose there were about a dozen Indian children in the school” (Aura 1 15). In their British school, there were so many few Indians in that school, and so many more British students. Because the British culture continues to believe to think they’re better but Indians has some unique people as they were a few in that school being treated unfairly but tend to stay brave and strong.

Furthermore, “l had never grasped the system of competitive games. At home, whenever we played tag or guessing games, was always allowed to Mother used to tell Premier, “she is youngest, and we have to allow for that” (Aura 1 16). Cynthia experienced omitting more different than her type of game. When Cynthia and her family would play games at home, they would play fairly; they thought it was better of the youngest would “win” because the Indian culture is all about being fair and just having a good time.

But Hernandez 2 as for British culture, It’s all about being competitive and winning unfairly. As I explained and proven that Indian culture and British culture are nothing alike, Indian’s are fair and treat people with warm hearts, on the other British are treating Indians unfairly with cold hearts. Although British culture and Indian culture are both unique, the differences between them far at weigh the similarities. For example, when Aura and Premier, her older sister, enter to the headmistress’s office they notice odd things, “The headmistress had been in India… UT she still smiled her headless inability to cope with Indian names” (Aura 114). As premier and Aura met the headmistress, they notice that she has been in Indian culture for quite a while, but she has no attention being interested in their Indian culture. So the headmistress decides to change both Premier and Aura’s name into British Ames because she said that their Indian names were “far too hard to pronounce,” and that British names were prettier. The headmistress was telling them in a way that the British culture is much better than Indian culture.

In addition they tell us more why British culture is better, “The English children in the front of the class” (Aura 1 15). So now when “Cynthia” entered her classroom she notices the British students were sitting all in the front, and all Indians were held in the back. There were so few of Indians that were not as great as British. Furthermore, we notice some difficulty in her sister Premier, “She said it was because Indians cheat’ (Aura 1 16). This was a point to be proven towards Indians.

When Premier had her first test, the teacher sent all of her Indian students in the back in distant formation and the teacher accused “Indians cheat. ” So they were unfairly judged and mistreated, and Indian culture is terrible that every Indian cheats, but British don’t because they are obviously better. A I proved many times that the British society are racist towards Indians and they treat them with disrespect, telling them that the British culture is better than Indians.