Good Communication Skills Are Vital In The Workplace

Good communication skills are vital in the workplace. Through experience I have observed many co-workers who excel in many areas fail to get promoted due to weak or inconsistent communication skills. With the globalization of the workplace the requirement for a complete set of strong communication skills has grown. It is vital to be able to effectively communicate over email, virtual meetings and person to person. Have had experience working for managers which I would characterize as having strong and weak communication skills. Working for a manager with strong immunization skills increases the morale within in a unit.

A manager with strong communication skills increases the morale Of their employees my creating a superior relationship not only with their employees but with other key players within an organization and by providing clear direction. Other results of good communication skills within the workplace include satisfied loyal customers, motivated, empowered employees and a decrease in employee turnover. Closing: unit 1 confirmed my original beliefs and assumptions about the importance of communication skills. I learned several new concepts in the readings for unit 1 .

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The most interesting of these new topics was intercultural communication. To this date my work experience has not exposed me to the intercultural aspects of communication. I found the article “Struck-A Global Brand that Understands Localization”, very informative. The other issue addressed in the intercultural communication chapter I found educational and interesting was the figure (3. 8). This figure referenced corruption in different countries. This was eye-opening as to the obstacles an organization could face in highly corrupt countries. I enjoyed the readings for unit 1 and look forward to the upcoming units.