Goodman Reflection

Goodman Reflection It opens to a sense of personal but then does a sharp survivable into a narrative third person. The words of the 26 year-old president of the company still ring in my ear. Those five words he spoke of could really make a person truly think over a story. Who’s been working the hardest? Those words that ended the story really compelled me to think this story in a larger perspective. The author takes the material and transforms it into an informative paragraph, describing the facts of working a normal ix-hour shift instead of a higher position Job, which doesn’t even know the estimated hours you’ll spend at work.

The words of others actually comes in their own sense of talking, as if the author were there living the tragedy as an occupant of the funeral. The author delivers the material in a sense that is understandable to most readers to explain a sense of sadness, depression, and regret. The author writes this story in a passive tone as if to explain the story as a narrator. The author uses a sarcastic tone to switch up the story a little to keep the reader interested. The level of formality in the story is one you would expect as if you were reading a novel or some exquisite writing.

The author uses the literal language as the primary explanation to most of the scenarios in question. She used simple and understandable sentences in her story as a pathway for the reader to understand where the story is coming from. I find that how the author refers back to Phil being a waiting heart attack ever couple chapters was quite effective in explaining the story in an accurate sense. I would like to take her passive tense and use it in my own essays very effectively.

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