Grapes of wrath part

In this long n vela, Steinbeck reveals every little detail in chronological order to tell his story. Another tech unique he uses is his stream of consciousness. This is a sequence and repetition of Tom Goad’s too ought in the novel that are never interrupted by a random event. Overall, Steinbeck reveals a huh GE plot illustrating the hard life of workers in America and what they had to adapt to, but he also includes small multiple plots throughout the story such as bad economy, and family struggle s.

The time covered in this novel is about five years starting in the late sass. This is the tit me period of the Great Depression where many Americans like the Goad family struggled with p poverty and the disaster of the Dust Bowl. In the beginning of the book it starts off as the fame lay is devastated by the dust that destroyed their crops. Tom is let out of jail and returns to his FAA mill to find out they are heading to California.

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The family is hopeful to find work, higher wage, and a better life in the west. Unfortunately, there dreams do not come true. By the end of the book many family members are dead, separated, or in hiding like Tom. Their hopes dwindle do win as the book Annually 2 develops only to find more obstacles. The beginning and the end are the Sam e because both have devastating situations, but are different because there is little hope left by the end of the book.

Steinbeck writes the story in third person point of view. His point of view is re omniscient meaning the novel is told mostly in past tense revealing the historical time pee riot of the 1 sass. Through most of the story the narrator remains omniscient knowing everything Eng about every harasser of the story’, but in several chapters reflecting the Goad’s family he c hangers to limited omniscient only knowing a few character feelings and reactions through their journey.

His point of view changes significantly in the novel from having a wide general view of t he people and their struggles to a view of an individual person and their own feelings and re actions. The purpose of his point view is to reveal to readers different perspectives and thoughts on the difficulties of migrant workers during the Great Depression, especially worker s who struggled wrought the Dust Bowl tragedy. Steinbeck created his shifts Of view to truly tee ACH us the issues of this historical time period.