Gray Partridge

{Gray Partridge} How can you tell male from female?
Male has a dark brown patch on center of belly
{Gray Partridge} What is the Range of the Gray Partridge?
Native to europe and Asia.
Widely established in Canada and Northern US
{Gray Partridge} How many established populations are in North America?
{Gray Partridge} What are the populations?
Pacific Northwest
Great Plains
Great Lakes
Prince Edward Island
{Gray Partridge} What kind of habitats does the Gray Partridge use?
{Gray Partridge}What is the primary nesting habitat?
Hay fields
{Gray Partridge} What is the primary feeding habitat?
Small grain crops
{Gray Partridge}What can increase habitat suitability?
Interspersion of grassland and cropland
{Gray Partridge} What kind of game are they?
Farm Game
{Gray Partridge} What are the food sources?
Primarily cultivated grains, weed seeds, green leafy material-90% of diet
Insects make up the rest
{Gray Partridge} How do Partridge deal with snow?
They can burrow through it.
{Gray Partridge} How big are Coveys?
15 birds
{Gray Partridge} When do Coveys break up?
{Gray Partridge} What kind of mating do Gray Partridge do?
Monogamous, with pairs from previous season often reforming
{Gray Partridge} How many eggs are average?
{Gray Partridge} What is the incubation period?
24-25 days
{Gray Partridge} What is a major cause of nest failure?
Hay Cutting