Grenville Dodge Report

He was a war hero, politician, and railroad builder. Dodge was born in 1831 in Massachusetts, and in 1 850 graduated from a military school as a civil engineer. He later became a surveyor of railroad routes in Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska. He then married in 1854 and moved further west for Council Bluffs. In 1859 Greenville Dodge and Abraham Lincoln met by chance in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

As they spoke he assured the president that in the future Platte Valley would be the route Of the pacific Railroad. As promised, 7 years later Dodge became the chief engineer for that project. Dodge took on the responsibility of joining the Union Army in the Civil War. While there his work gave him the benefit of acquiring a promotion to brigadier general and the friendship of William Outcomes Sherman. By 1865 he was commanding the U. S. Plains campaign against the Indians, which failed. However he benefited from that fail.

In September 1865 he found a route through which the Union Pacific could go through. In May 1866 he resigned his position and dedicated himself be the Union Pacifism’s chief engineer. Dodge began. He let absolutely nothing get in the way of his plans. He came across obstacles and right away found a solution. There was no piece of land that could stop him from going west. As the survey parties progressed they built pieces of land into towns. Thomas Duran who had previously invited Dodge to be chief manager was looking for a way to make more money and soon hired a anger.

However, he never did things as they should have been done. He took shortcuts that allowed the job to be easier and be done faster. Through the years the tension grew stronger and the men stopped getting along. Until Duran grew furious and threatened to dismiss Dodge and tried to get him to leave. Dodge considered him a sneak, “the biggest sneak Vive ever met. ” The Transcontinental Railroad had been built by May 1869. It was thought of as one of the greatest achievements in the 1 9th century. It played a role in the remonstration of crops, minerals, and resources the Eastern markets.

With the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, Dodge was asked to become a chief engineer, director, or president for over a dozen railroad constitutions. By the 1 ass’s Dodge was a well-known person. He was asked by President McKinley to chair the “Dodge Commission” who had been charged with accusations army miss conduct investigation. In 1909 he was honored by the state of Iowa as a namesake. He then passed away 7 years later in 1916. Greenville Dodge was a man with many accomplishment. He was very driven ND stopped at nothing to pursue his dreams.

Dodge was a man of his word. He knew how to keep going, work problems out, and found a solution to any obstacles that he came across. He greatly impacted the Transcontinental Railroad. Without the work of Mr.. Dodge the work completed may have never happened or may have occurred in a different way that would have caused another outcome. The events that took place benefited not only the railroad but many people along his path.