Growing Up In Ethiopia

As I began to mature, so did my taste and understanding of the fashion industry. After relocating to America, I learned that the industry is much more than ravening in the season’s latest designs or playing dress up. The industry requires a keen understanding of the various aspects of business. From an in depth knowledge of marketing necessary to efficiently publish magazines to the attention to detail and micro management required to produce the runways shows, or the macro management experience that’s a must in order to oversee a styling company. As astonished and even more so motivated by the business empires that re household names across the world, including the numerous fashion companies, and intrigued like never before by what takes place behind the scenes to build them from the ground up. I soon fell into the expansive world of business head first when took an introduction class to business as a freshman in high school, in addition to a quantitative literature class to provide me with the bases for understanding the math involved, as well a college level Introduction to Business course during my senior year at a nearby community college.

A few months ago was fortunate to have the opportunity to put my tremendous passion and the knowledge of business and fashion I hold to work. Attended a summer studio fashion retail program at the New England Institute of Art and got an up close look and hands on experience with creating a business plan for a virtual store, deciding on the merchandise that will be sold, and even building a miniature store front for it. That glimpse into what could be my future excited me and motivated me all the more to pursue this career and field.

This previous mummer I also had the chance to head to New York City and visit the FIT campus. While there, I spoke to current students I had the pleasure of meeting to inquire more about the school and I soon realized that these students and had plenty in common. These qualities included being ambitious, open-minded, and sociable, in addition to our shared passion for fashion. The visit affirmed my high interest in the school and should I get accepted, FIT will effectively have one more fashionable, sociable, and hardworking student roaming its campus and embracing and thriving in the ultra.

My business mind and true love for all things fashion related make me the perfect candidate for the Fashion Merchandising Management program at FIT. Not only that but I hold many qualities that make for an exceptional addition to the AT family. I am principled. I act in accordance with morality and recognize what is right and wrong. I am an inquirer. I ask questions to quench my thirst for knowledge. I am ambitious and a great communicator. I show a strong determination to succeed and I know how to build the connections necessary to be able to.