Gun Ota Ga Mahou Sekai Ni Tensei Volume

It was a cold day like this, when Tanana passed away…

. ” Having finished work, it was a boring walk home, while, regretfully recalling pa infill memories. Became a hickories in my high school days even though I call it hell, I am by no means exaggerating it. My only backup plan was taking the entrance exam, in case failed the enroll meet for other private high schools, but I failed to pass the examination for even low lee private high school. At that time, my friend, Tanana Koki and l, were bullied b y three CNN(detainment) in the same class.

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TTL Note: Japanese high schools have entrance examinations for high school a d regular enrollment this word means taking the entrance exam in case enrollment fails. Minivan I think because we were targeted we both became thin and Wakefield. Then getting beaten up was a common occurrence. Extortion, burning my skin with cigarette buds, masturbating in front of the delinquents, licking and drinking out of a urinal they never stopped. I was scared of getting to know my classmates so I kept thinking that they were e of no concern to me. The homeroom teacher, wanting to avoid the situation, pretended not to see most Of the fights.

Without the courage to oppose them, we just continued to take the bullying sis lentil. I was released from their bullying only when we got to second year. The reason is that our classes changed. It turned out only was separated from them while Tanana and the delinquents were in the same classroom. Since they need to go out Of their way to cross over to my classroom, they did TNT bother bullying me. The outcome was, the brunt of it was concentrated on Ta NASA.

Yet, I didn’t even think of helping him. I just breathed a sigh of relief having been released from being bullied.As expected, I’ll only be saved if Hess sacrificed. An incident occurred before second year’s winter break. TTL Note : The feels in this prologue yet As a former bullied child, chose to distance myself from the surroundings; al ways eating lunch alone. Rather than eat in the toilet in winter, the back of the school building is less p popular. Therefore, in those cold days, I always ate lunch outside. Tanana and the delinquents had gathered there.

He was naked in seize position on the ground while shivering and fully soaked with water. TTL Note : Seize is basically sitting on your knees.Sarah Besides being left with a water bucket, he apparently had dry leaves clinging t o his body. The delinquent group seemed to be having fun as they laughed and took pick rest with their smartened. Tanana recognizing me, faced me with a gaze seeking for help. The three of them also turned around after noticing me.

“What are you looking at? Skinny midget. ” “What’s with that expression? Huh!? ” became frightened by their voice and ran away at full speed Tank’s face went paled in despair after abandoned him. Even now, I vividly remember it. Definitely won’t forget this for my entire life.That very same night, Tanana committed suicide by hanging himself by the slid De at the playground.

In his suicide note he accused about the bullying done by those 3. The school dealt with the problem by immediately and indefinitely suspending g those the trio. By immediately suspending them, the school had intended to conclude the in cadent before the situation had become worse.

After the school disposed of them according to their plan, it had become a disc cushions about the perpetrators’ companions. De Note: They kind make it sound like they killed those bullies. Earl A settlement to the discussion was met in one month.The perpetrators had to pay fine which was a lot of money to the victim’s pare nuts when they settled. Tank’s suicide ended up in a small column written on a local newspaper.

Since that year, had stayed inside my home. Felt responsible for Tank’s suicide furthermore, now that he passed away, became the target Of the delinquent’s bullying while sitting around. And became use of my fear of being bullied, became unable to leave from my room at my home.

I’m a pessimistic, despicable coward. However, I was unable to leave my room at those days. Eventually, I dropped out of high school.Since then, I’d always stayed inside my room engrossed in gaming, magna, ann. me, model guns, and modern weapon system and the like. Admired modern weapon system especially the model guns. Then, using a re l handgun to shoot those three delinquents to death. Really want to have a dry am where I board a tank and chase them and stuff.

When approached the age of twenty, my father’s connections in Toss’s Tot district will get me a job in a metalwork factory, or I’ll get a million yen and lea eve my family. DE Note: MS getting 1 m Yen has probably had something to do with getting a n early inheritance in exchange of getting kicked out of his house.Earl 1,000,000 is a lot.

But, at best, I don’t think I’ll have that in only a year. TTL Note : 1 Million Yen is about 9,623. 95 US Dollars. Mexican I can’t have that option. However, it was good regardless of the outcome. Even though I’m sometimes confine myself indoors, aside from taking the responsibility for my younger siblings, I had no future prospects. The teacher gave me his seal of approval by saying “Certainly eligible for Tokyo University! ” to my typical parents, as long as I don’t’ become baggage no matte r what to my 4 superior and younger siblings, it’ll be fine.

In reality, after moving to Tokyo University, because this was my first time live Eng alone, I never had gotten into a contact with anyone. The typical me that had been cast away by my parents was carefree and happy Y. Above all, because I was separated from that mountain town, I will never gaga n meet those delinquent trio. The metalworking factory of my father and the others was strict but it wasn’t filled with unreasonable violence. Was even instructed carefully in the job.

Compared to my hellish life in the last year of high school, the difference is he even and earth.Originally, I was confident in my skillful and dexterous fingers. Again and again, since I strives to meet expectations, I had to acquire a lot of skills.

If you were to compare me to those who are called craftsman, I may not even hold a foot… Thus I immersed myself in my job to forget those hellish highlights days for approximately 7 years but, every time it became cold in winter, I remember T nanas. If had been a little brave or something, it might had not ended up in suicide, wouldn’t it.

..? At the usual convenience store, I bought my evening Benton and tea. “… Now, even though I’m a good person, I still haven’t recovered.

While sighing from melancholy, walked toward the residential area. There remained 10 meters until reached my home but I noticed on the way, a suspicious man standing. So that I could avoid the detestable light from the street lights, I had leaned o the concrete wall.

Because of the moonlight, I was dimly able to make out his figure. He wore a hooded jacket, and jeans under him. Doesn’t he feel cold? Theft no t the sort of coat you should wear.

Because he was looking down wasn’t able to SE e his face. I was able to judge him as having a height Of 180 centimeters, and a plain n physique.If start retracing my steps for main road and pretend not to see him after us chi a long time, on the contrary, he’ll likely give me strange vibes. It did not look like he wanted to fight since he was glancing down, so I’ll take a s much distance as possible while try to pass him.

” Hey, wait sec…. After he called me, I involuntarily stood still. The man began heading straight to me. As the street light shone on that guys face, was able to check his face. My goggling eyes did not meet his gaze, he had a bad skin complexion, a nuns even face, gaping nose pierce, and from the nape of the neck there hung a tattoo.

Surprisingly, he had changed completely, I understood immediately. It was o nee of the 3 delinquents that had bullied me, it was their leader. I’m sure his name was..

. . Soma Roguish “Anti It cue a you that ma life’s in dad dumps! Aha! Buck!!! Why me!! ” TTL Note : most of what this guy says is Yakima speech warning. Yet TTY Ah, uh, The time came for him to get back at me, feel nauseous because he reeked o something like garbage. If I remember correctly, read that there’s a legal drug goon the internet that if you intake it, you smell like this. The other party is in an unstable state.But right now, I’ll just turn around prêt end not to notice, and run away when possible. However a flashback Of my hellish past made my legs tremble, and kept me FRR mom moving.

‘ ‘Thankful! Hootenanny! Yea look like trash! You know he died silently, right!? Damn it! ” He took out something like a cheap kitchen knife, he’d have bought with a huh ended yen, from his hoodoo’s pocket. Uwaaaaaaaa! ” My fear reached its apex as I screamed miserably, I threw the convenience SST ore bag I was holding, turned around and ran with everything had. The thought of bravely fighting and subduing him didn’t come to my mind eve n once.But, could do nothing but scream and run. Run, run, run, run, run charging to the park. Even after that, he eventually caught up and shoved me from behind.

Ran with as much vigor as I had but fell face first into the sandbox. As soon as he mounted me, without any hesitation, with both hands he swung g down the kitchen knife. *choking* felt the blood erupted on my pierced chest. From pain, the previous stimulating sensation became hot. “Die! Damn it! Damn it! Damn iiiiiiiiiiitt!!! ” He continued, and continued, and continued stabbing me with the kitchen ink fee, forcefully breaking my ribs while letting out a cry.

Loud tell that my consciousness was quickly receding to it’s border a number r of times. Heard a woman’s scream in the distance as if was underwater. My eyelids were as heavy as lead and had the feeling of falling down into an a buys. The last scene I saw was me bathing in my own pool of blood, and his face lo king like a mad man.

My consciousness stopped like a frozen TV screen. Chapter 001 Reincarnated in a different world Slowly appearing from the water’s surface, Hot Youth had regained conscious senses and opened his eyes. …

Is this the hospital?My last memory was burned into my memory; being bullied for being a loner and getting stabbed repeatedly with a kitchen knife something like that. I was brought to a hospital, luckily, I expected I’d lose my life. But no matter h owe hard tried I didn’t feel anything. I was put to sleep on top a soft bed with pure white sheets and for some areas on the one sleeping next to me was an infant.

Sleeping together with a baby, for the wounds to quickly recover or something like that. Is this the latest medical treatment practice at this hospital? For arguments sake, assuming I concede 100 steps, no…

0000 steps, for such h a treatment to exist. Him? Does the baby sleeping next to me have dog ears? To start with, doubt there is an artificial product such as this. The silver ears t hat were twitching brought themselves to my attention. They were the real deal before my very eyes. Perhaps a mutation that deforms the human body? And possibly from child bi Roth? After pondering about that matter, a woman came to glance at me. She did not Japanese’s, nor did she talk in a language I was familiar with. However, not only was her language noticeable, but also her figure.About in her early sis.

In addition to being a tall woman, she also had noticed fly big breasts. She was a beautiful girl with slightly droopy eyes. But thanks to that, she had a gentle expression that could make everyone looking at her relieved. TTL Note: pretty sure read something on this being beautiful for Chinese peep lee so probably the same for Japanese they find drooping eyes attractive.

Minivan DE Note: Thanks, hashish of BAT, for this one. Earl Above all, I had noticed that the color of her hair was pink and ears that sprung up similar to rabbits above her head.She was smiling delightfully while her rabbit ears fluttered about. There is no way they could have produced such product, was my initial reaction She extended her arms and carried me. This has to be a lie! As a typical adult, I may have a small frame. But for a fem. ale to easily carry me, there is no way it can be that easy!? Not only she was carrying me so easily, but also swayed me in order to lull m e into a sleep.

R The arbitrated person is inhuman so she might not consider carrying me as a big deal had also suspected that, and soon found out the real truth. Who, What, Whey!The shape of the rabbit eared woman, that had carried me by herself, was ref acted lightly by the window glass There a black haired infant the woman was carrying was also reflected. Way, way! TTL Note: Baby sounds Minivan Moving my mouth, I tried to speak. The one being reflected there was unmistakably me. For the sake of calming myself down, how many days here had passed?. So many astonishing events came one after another.

Calm down, stay cool…

First of all, let me confirm the situation one at a time. I woke up after being stabbed by that former bully, and I became an infant.