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Have you ever wanted to own your own business or have partial ownership in a corporation? Individuals usually cannot purchase businesses like Walmart, KMart, or Target. However purchasing stocks could allow you to have partial ownership in a company. Stockbrokers could assist you with purchasing and managing your stock portfolio.  Corporations raise money or capital through the sale of stocks.  Capital that is raised can be used to expand a business, used to hire more employees, and provide a product or service that is beneficial to consumers.  This research paper will inform the reader of a stock broker’s duties, personality traits, training and educational requirements, and salary information to become successful in the stock broker profession.   A stockbroker job is to manage the financial portfolio of your client; so this could be an individual or a company. On the advice of investment analysts, you’ll discuss with your client which shares to buy or sell to get them the best return on their money. They help manage their stocks within a company or whatever the investor invested in. Stockbroker’s don’t just manage stocks, they also give stockholders advice and guidance as to what the next step the stockholder should take to increase his/her revenue. As a Stockbroker there are certain duties and job responsibilities that have to be done in order to secure and maintain the stock.  Stock brokers have to have a lot of responsibility because they will be the one who is managing the money and your position. Managing stock portfolios is not the only responsibility stockbrokers have. Stockbrokers also have to stay up to date on the laws and regulations to keep the clients informed of any modifications or changes within a particular business. As a Stockbroker you must be able to give accurate information and accurate reminders to the client for their benefit. Stockbrokers also must inform clients about any information related to any investment, including risks. Brokers must be honest with their clients in order to maintain a positive and correct client and associate relationship. That could improve business and have a positive overall experience. Stockbrokers should show good work ethical and be engaged so that the client could most likely bring in more clients by referring your company in general.   In order to be successful in the Stockbroker business, you need to have certain personality traits. To even get hired it’s important that your clients have a positive relationship with you. Stockbrokers have to have traits like honesty, Informational, responsible, and trustworthy. Those are just some traits a Stockbroker should have in order to to have a successful career. You want to be able to rely on your Broker to provide you precise information about your stock. Your Stockbroker absolutely have to be honest. If your Stockbroker is not honest with you then you could potentially lose everything in your stock portfolio.