Heal the World Pharmacy

Sometimes I can’t help asking myself, what’s the matter with our plant? Distinct seasons has gone forever, the summer temperature refresh the annual historical limit, 2012 is the hottest year of United States of America since meteorological records in 1895, the annual average temperature is 12.94 ?, breaking the record in 1998.

The polar ice and snow ice accelerate to melt at the speed of 8% for every year, obviously we suffer global temperature warming, It’s predicted if the earth’s surface temperature develop at the present rate, temperatures will rise 4 Celsius by 2050 global, North and south polar ice will melt significantly, leading to a significant rise in sea level, a number of island countries and coastal city will be submerged in the water, including several famous international city: New York, Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney

The exacerbate greenhouse effect has obvious influence to our daily life, in order to alleviate this phenomenon to strengthen our environmental aware, the annual Earth Hour Day and Earth Day is to promote people to save energy, protect the earth.

The annual electricity consumes large amounts of earth energy?while lighting consumes accounts for nearly 25% electric energy, low carbon environmental voice is louder and louder. Nowadays, a high efficiency and energy saving LED lamp is gradually replacing traditional lighting into the horizon, according to the “New York Times” (The New York Times) report, if all of the use of LED lighting technology replace traditional lighting lamp, only save power consumption, can reduce 50% of carbon dioxide emissions in the world in a short period of 20 years.

LED lighting, is the use of semiconductor lighting, as a member of the LED lighting, LED floodlights is famous for its wide range of strong light, economic environmental !

LED floodlights is a point light source from all sides to uniform irradiation, it has irradiation range which can be adjusted, show in the scene is a graphical representation of a eight surface body, so has wide lighting range. High purity aluminum reflector and the most accurate reflection beam achieved the best results; the lamp body is made of high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy material, surface electrostatic spraying high heat dissipation material.

  1. Wafer, chip Prichard chip ?10-80W single high power LED package, the brightness of 70 80LM/W, a small decline light, high brightness, good thermal conductivity.
  2. Paint treatment of aluminum alloy die casting shell, tempered glass, LED is directly connected with the lamp to achieve good cooling purpose, waterproof, dustproof, waterproof IP65, anti-corrosion, seismic.
  3. Professional optical light distribution design of aluminum reflector cup, high light emitting efficiency, high light utilization rate.
  4. Product application: outdoor decorative lighting places such as plant, gymnasium, wharf, billboards, buildings, gardens, tunnel lighting LED floodlights and all LED lighting adopt light-emitting principle of semiconductor lighting, the low-voltage constant-current drive, put into DC power supply, maximum guarantee the minimum DC voltage into the strongest 40% light, greatly saves energy and electricity, because the direct current, the light source dose not like the traditional incandescent and energy-saving lamps having stroboscopic phenomenon?which protect our eyesight from external light stimulation.

No ultraviolet light, no mercury and other heavy metals, dose not cause light pollution, which impact on people’s lives and the environment, abandoned LED floodlights is not the same as incandescent and energy-saving lamps adding mercury and other heavy metals cause two times pollution to the environment

Now, with the environment caused huge trouble in our daily life, our awareness of environmental protection is more and more intense. Highly efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting LED light has made outstanding contribution to environment. It ? s reasonable for us to believe that it can heal the world?More information about LED light?surfing professional website www.lead-lighting.com is your best choice.