Are happens after naps and regular sleeping at

Areyou stressed? Feeling overworked? Well, take a nap! Yes you heard me correctly.According to Harvard neurologist Sarah Medick, taking a nap in the afternoon canhelp you out with that “burnt-out” feeling from the overload ofinformation you take in daily. Taking an afternoon nap can improve your mentaland physical learning. As humans we are naturally prone to feel sleepy in theearly …

Multivariate decoding and brain reading

Contents lists available at Centerpieces Neurology journal homepage:www. Elsevier. Com/locate/hymning Editorial Multivariate decoding and brain reading: Introduction to the special issue article info abstract In recent years, the scope of nonrecurring research has been substantially extended by multivariate decoding methodology. Decoding techniques allow us to address a number of important questions that are frequently neglected in more conventional analyses.They allow …

Current research on multiple sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease which primarily affects the central nervous system. This chronic and inflammatory disease is often accompanied by numerous symptoms such as physical changes including sensation problems, visual problems and muscle weakness (Dangond 2005). There are also other psychological disorders that accompany it such as depression, coordination and speech problems and cognitive impairment (Altmann 2005). In certain …

The Issue on Autism

A statement released by Brian J, Gleberson, DC, a Bedford Park College Associate Professor, in his study about autism in 2001 states that “Autism has overtaken other childhood afflictions . . . to become the most common pediatric neurological condition affecting children worldwide.”

Biology and criminality

Anthropological research data has shown the violence is an inherent conduct among the primate species (Walker, 2001).   In society, criminal violence is a common occurrence and legislators have suggested that the behavior of criminals be analyzed in order to identify any psychological patterns that are consistent among these particular types of individuals.