The case of the United Kingdom where the black population

Racial experiences and racism have been argued to the major contributing factor of deteriorating mental health of the black population (Pierce, 1970). In multicultural communities where non-white minority groups are integrated into the larger white population within the society, the incidences of racial experiences and racism by the white population are intense.

Modernism . Sigmund Freud implemented the themes of

Modernism is a period in the early 20th century in which society suppressed renaissance thoughts and adopted a rebellious attitude towards conservative affairs. Sexuality, and uncovering the unconscious sector of the mind became a prominent concept within society. It idealized the unveiling of self consciousness and comprehending one’s will. It contradicted the prior era’s gothic themes and fixated on discerning …

Depression and Psychopharmacology

Statistics shows that in the modern world non-psychotic illnesses are met very often. They are significantly more widespread than psychotic disorders and bring suffering and death. Common misunderstanding of mental illnesses and the established contemptuous attitude of people and doctors represent main obstacles to the successful cure of mentally ill people. Recently, the progress of psychiatric investigation threw the light …

Developing Early Intervention Programs for Children with Autism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Recent studies about autism in Saudi Arabia conclude that “relatively little is known” (Al-Salehi, Al-Hifthy, & Ghaziuddin, 2009) about the disorder and its intervention programs. While statistics show that approximately 6 out of a thousand children are affected by the developmental delay (Bedu, 2009), autism specialists in the Kingdom were not trained well enough to mediate in autism cases.