Health Advertising

I like the ‘got milk?’ advertisement mainly because it was created for a good cause, that is, to improve the health of the Californians at the time that they had reduced their consumption of milk.

The United States government, or the Californian government for that matter, could not have used colorful and fantastic television advertisements with the aid of computer graphics at the end of World War II – a time when milk consumption was promoted as a necessity for healthy living.

The ‘got milk?’ advertisement, making use of modern day technology, should be considered a blessing not only because it helped to increase milk consumption in California during the 1990s, and thereby improved the health of Californians, but also because the creators of ‘got milk?’ advertisements targeted youth and minorities of California as well (Holt, 2002).  After all, the state would like all its inhabitants to be healthy, regardless of age, race or gender.

The main problem in the creation of the advertisement was the fact that almost everybody was already aware of the importance of milk to human health.  Attracting consumers to milk was akin to attracting them to fruits, also considered undoubtedly nutritious.

The ‘got milk?’ advertisement succeeded nevertheless, not only because it was ethical advertising but also because the advertisements were very interesting and targeted almost everybody.  As an example, teenagers with their vast imaginations were sure to find the Isolation advertisement appealing.  Similarly, La Llorona targeted Mexican Americans with a thought provoking theme, that is, adultery (Holt).

Even though the stories told through the ‘got milk?’ advertisements got almost everybody’s attention in California – it is unfortunate that the advertisement could not be aired throughout the United States at the same time.  Californians alone were targeted.  If the United States government’s food and health department had sponsored the advertisements instead, ‘got milk?’ would have directly made it to Fox or CNN.  America, as a whole, would have been healthier as a result.


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